Microsoft presentation – Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

In the mobile segment, and this is where Microsoft and releasing the main device, except for the XBox, the company somehow went wrong. The history of Windows Phone, but before the Windows Mobile – is a series of excuses by the top managers of Microsoft, which promised annual revolution, and then come up with excuses why it did not happen. In Microsoft are guided by a simple principle: the war – nonsense, the main thing – maneuvers. And successfully implement it. In a series of high-profile failures with Windows Phone were to blame everyone except Microsoft. In the “bad» Google banned create customers for its services, for example, YouTube, and GMail, as they do not see the prospects of the platform and the quality of third-party programs have been known to be worse than it is accepted into Google. In Microsoft tried to imagine a situation in a different light, but immediately raises the question, where is the program to other independent developers why they are in no hurry to write for the platform. Remember, with a fanfare showed a beta version of Instagram for Windows Phone in November 2013, the feeling was that solved the main problem of the platform and now start a new life.Jubilant cries of fans filled the Internet then. The ice was broken, gentlemen, now all companies will write for Windows Phone. Almost no one paid any attention to a modest mark that this is a beta version and it lacks most of the features that are on iOS / Android. The program differs meager capabilities, but the fact that pleased the fans Microsoft.

Two years have passed, and I’m only out of curiosity looked at the app store Windows Phone, to discover that the program has grown to version, is not deprived of the status of beta, and lag behind other platforms only increased, even working with video in and not appeared. Amazing! Microsoft executive with great fanfare talked about what it means for the platform Instagram, bred on the stage hands and the usual mess. This is normal for them, as even paid application development, they can not control what happens in the end.

It’s a shame, but Microsoft is not the comprehension of the market, and finding excuses for his past failures. And despite the range of ordinary consumers, who deny the existence of Windows Phone as a phenomenon, and choose only cost device that is easy to prove any numbers worldwide, the company continues to go the same course.

I was most touched by the annual mantra of Microsoft employees and supporters that now things will change and we as a shot into the sky as everyone will see what we can do. This is reinforced by the billions invested in the promotion of Windows Phone, the money burned each year in the great nothing. However, here’s the stats from IDC, which is difficult to argue.

Since 2007, Microsoft and the company’s fans live in the expectation of a breakthrough and miracle, but it’s not happening and can not happen for quite objective reasons. The main reason is that the company creates a product, without regard to the usual customer feedback, and believing that she knows best what they need. Experience shows that in Microsoft do not know what people want. It can be a long laugh, cry, worry, but in the end the market puts everything in its place. And while Microsoft’s efforts to transform their mobile device into something significant turn failure.

The new president Satya Nadella went further than his predecessor. Now, the logic of this is that no matter how phones will be sold, the main thing that Microsoft will show what is capable. Understood?For a looking glass in which the company settled and feels great.

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

As shown in the presentation – HoloLens, MS Band2, Lumia 950 / 950XL, MS Surface 4

We must pay tribute to Microsoft, they set priorities and logic of presentation: first show products which do not have any prospects or far from realization, then the more interesting for the market, and so on. If you follow this logic, it turns out a very interesting picture, however, see where we started the story, it was a virtual reality goggles HoloLens. Then MS Band2, then showed two phones Lumia 950/950 XL, and only then the tablet. As you can see, the priorities are very well about any sales HoloLens not talking, but the tablet has the highest chance of success. Let’s briefly look at each of the products.

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

So, what is HoloLens? According to Microsoft, it is the experience that is not possible on other devices and platforms. Cool application, especially considering the fact that HoloLens simply nowhere to take, and therefore it is impossible to compare it to anything else. A sort of technology that will be available in the coming years, at a conference Microsoft said the commercial version HoloLens will be in five years! That is, we have not finished device, which can be a breakthrough, but a prototype that will detain presentations for a long time. What’s so interesting? There was a joystick that can be kept in the hands and in the games, he can turn into a weapon. Any room can be transformed into a playground, so we were shown the spider that crawled through the wall.

And it’s true future of gaming. But will it HoloLens, remains a question. The direction is correct, but the other players get to the point will be able to release their devices, Microsoft then there is no reserve for the future. The whole history of HoloLens – the so-called Fair marketing, when the show raw, unprepared technology and this impression.

And now the good news. In the first quarter of 2016 on sale kit for developers who can create their cool toys and programs for HoloLens. Price – 3000 dollars. In short, we can assume that HoloLens very interesting presentations and is not interested in real life, until he gets to the shelves. And it’s not going to happen very soon.

Another product, which is not really expect this MS Band 2. The first generation of sports bracelet released in such a minute quantity that it was sold almost immediately. Largely due to the popularity of this band, but all the reports about the market for wearable devices carry Microsoft’s “other” category, it just means that the volume of sales did not exceed one hundred thousand pieces! It is a question of popularity.

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

The second generation has become even more difficult. The bracelet appeared counting floors, as it was originally in all products from FitBit. But even with the help of sync with MS Health bracelet can be considered an indicator such as the VO2Max. What for? The answer lies not in the users’ needs, and that is the only sports bracelet that can do it. And at the same time and only works with MS Health.Very controversial dignity.

Then we were shown two phones, two flagship in the line of Lumia – Lumia 950/950 XL. A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to twist them, and I shared my impressions here.

About a lot of phones are not told to stay only one function – to connect to peripherals through USB Type C, when the monitor can work with your applications, which are switched to PC mode. An interesting feature, which was first implemented in phones Motorola, then on Ubuntu promises to do for his system, but he did not. I have the script use the phone as a PC does not seem yet common, it is possible that in the future it will become popular. This feature, which does not make any forecast. And considering the price Display Port, which promises to be very high, expect the popularity and did not have to.

Unfortunately, if you look at the flagship Lumia, we will not see anything in them that has allocated them and emphasized individuality. Plastic enclosures, when all metal. Strange approach. And considering the price at the level of the flagships of the Apple / Samsung, they just do not tenants. However, they are not paid a lot of attention, they are anadromous products on this presentation.

The emphasis the company has made in the two products – the tablet Surface Pro 4 and the first notebook of Surface Book. Although formally called the Surface Pro tablet 4 can not be, it is always positioned and in fact was the replacement notebook. And even during the presentation it was compared to the MacBook Air. At a price of 899 dollars plus all desired accessories, including the cover of the keyboard, you get a replacement laptop, which has a touch screen and the ability to use the device in a lightweight version, when you only need a screen.

For Microsoft Windows-niche notebook is well known, and, moreover, consumers are aware of this niche company that is trusted by its products. Therefore Surface Pro 3 was popular enough, and 4-ka will become even more common. Much has been said about the stylus that can be attached to the body (primagnichivaetsya), working up to a year without charge, and has up to 1024 degrees of depression. Interestingly, a new fashion to talk about what created a special processor for such a task is created for this device Touch processor from Microsoft. And this is a clear swipe at Apple and their unsuccessful implementation of a stylus for iPad Pro.

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

I specifically do not want to dwell on the specifications of the devices of this presentation, they are not as important in the light of the discussion and did not play a big role. For the segment Surface Pro 4 turned out good, and then he will demand an audience. It is a complete replacement notebook, the device also combines the capabilities of a tablet, although it is not the last.

Unexpected was the fact that the company announced its first laptop, no one was waiting. A product called Surface Book in theory no different from the Surface Pro, separate keyboard, but now it is made in a metal case and has a fundamentally different device keystroke. The top, a detachable part of the touch screen is quite large (13.5 inch diagonal).

But the positioning of the device is different, it was originally shown as a laptop, rival the MacBook Pro with a diagonal of 13 inches. And for those who are working under Windows, this machine is a very interesting solution in every sense.

To begin with, it is compact, but there was much talk about the convenience of the keyboard. We must try to practice, but felt that there should not be a bad thing, but rather the opposite. Another point – is the presence on board of a discrete graphics accelerator from NVidia, it is possible to safely work with graphics that a laptop with a diagonal is a novelty.

Specially developed for the Surface Book latch that holds the keyboard into the slots. The presentation was transferred to a laptop open over the screen that is already says a lot about a joint. Inside, a full computer for Intel Core i7, you can put a maximum of up to 16 GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD. That is, the expandability of the device and on the level. Watch a short video he will talk about what a Surface Book.

Of all the products I have not managed to hold the Surface Book, but at the end of the presentation really want to do it. At least, this is something new and promising, unlike other devices.

Short impression of the presentations and conclusions

At the end of the presentation, like a jack-in-the-box, he appeared Satya Nadella and said that each company has a soul, and Microsoft is committed to improving the lives of people all in the same spirit.If you use the terminology of the artists, it turns out that the public began to warm up HoloLens, then moved to other devices, and a large part of the presentation devoted to the two heroes of the day – Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. And after Sathya appeared.

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

This is interesting in the aspect that the bet is placed on those devices that do not fail in sales. They will be quite successful for Microsoft and show good financial results. But the fact that so little time was paid phones and other products, says a lot about the mood at Microsoft. Apparently, after all Sathya learned the lesson of his predecessor and did not beat his head into a concrete wall, he prefers to focus on what can be sold.

Surprisingly, this event almost did not say anything about the progress in Windows 10 Mobile, very superficially talked about the system. This confirms the rumors that the company was not able to redeploy its efforts on fine-tuning the system to the mind, and it will be available in limited functionality on the devices. As a consequence, no one inside Microsoft does not believe that the company will be able to compete in the smartphone market and the main sales will make budgetary device.

Microsoft presentation - Lumia, Surface, HoloLens

Before the presentation, there was a rumor that will be announced collaboration with Google, the application will appear on the company’s Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile), but this did not happen.However, it is not very important, as no impact on the perception of the system and its popularity, or rather, lack thereof.

It seems that this presentation shows scrapped in the minds of employees of Microsoft, they begin to pay less attention to their smartphones, which by any measure was a failure. And therefore, the focus shifts to those products that can boast, and this notebook. This does not mean that Microsoft completely abandon this direction, although such discussions were, but the attention he paid considerably less.According to the proportion of smartphones that companies are on the market. For Lumia, this means a further fall in sales, especially in the upper price segment, where sales of smartphones have become altogether ridiculous.

What did you like in this presentation? For what product you are willing to give their money and why?

Microsoft presentation – Lumia, Surface, HoloLens updated: October 8, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis