Microsoft will not invest in the Cyanogen

Microsoft will not invest in the Cyanogen

In January of this year The Wall Street Journal spread information that Microsoft is supposedly going to invest in alternative Developer Android-firmware Cyanogen. In total, he wanted to raise about $ 70 million investment.

The news caused a lot of noise on the Internet, because just a week before the executive director of Cyanogen Kirt McMaster was made with more than a bold statement of intent “to select» Android at Google, making it completely open source operating system, independent of other Internet services giant. According to experts, the participation of Microsoft in financing the project could significantly weaken the ecosystem of Google. However, it seems, still does not happen.

As reported on the eve of the news agency Bloomberg, citing sources, who requested anonymity, after a series of negotiations in Redmond decided to abandon the idea of investing in Cyanogen. However, the corporation is still interested in giving some of its applications and services platform Cyanogenmod.

By the way, after the failure of the Microsoft transaction is expected to amount invested in Cyanogen was increased to $ 110 million. It is rumored that one of the key sponsors of the project will concern Wipro Limited, headed by Indian tycoon Azim Premji.

Source: Bloomberg

Microsoft will not invest in the Cyanogen updated: March 16, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis