Review smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Review smartphone Meizu M2 Note

To begin with, that I am a big fan … no, not the company Meizu, a specific model – M1 Note. The first time the unit has been to me for review, attitude was initially skeptical because I knew in advance that the M1 – a budget models, there is a heaped MX4 and MX4 Pro. During the operation of the first Note is so used to the ergonomics of the design, to the classroom screen, excellent camera, do not believe it, I use the gadget so far as the primary phone. The M1 Note I like almost everything: the big screen, smooth animation, two sim-cards, great camera and so on. Not enough except that the higher speed on the Internet, because the unit only worked with 3G, and memory card slot (though, Meizu not indulge users slots for microSD).

But I got a taste of a brand new M1 Note, as the rumors about the appearance of M2 Note, which were expected to be even steeper screen, better camera, LTE on board, more memory and a slightly different appearance (frankly, M1 Note looks quite primitive, especially white embodiment).

To the delight of myself and others users M1 Note Meizu company at the beginning of June 2015 held a regular presentation. It shows how to update the model M1 Note called M2 Note. I do not know about you, but I was waiting on the “second coming” of what is described in the paragraph above, but was a completely different machine.

After meeting with a summer novelty revealed that she has a weaker processor than its big brother, the camera shoots worse appeared stremnenkaya mechanical button and the machine looks like something in between M1 Note and MX4 Pro.

In general, I propose to deal with the ins and outs of M2 Note in this review.

Meizu M2 Note: Design, size, controls

I never particularly admired appearance Meizu M1 Note – simple design without any frills. Naturally, it is similar to Apple iPhone 5C, even the feelings recalled only size larger. The new model M2 Note – this is a cross between the Apple iPhone 5C, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Meizu MX4 Pro.That’s right: it is necessary to take from different companies, only the best.

As for me, so M2 Note looks decent, especially from the front. On the back is clear – the glossy plastic. Of innovations – the sensory-mechanical button under the display. It is made in the style buttons Galaxy S6: small, oval with silver edges. For example, it is rectangular MX4 Pro.

Review smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Next will express personal opinion. Mechanical key I did not like back in the MX4 Pro – tugovato, with a very short stroke and distinctive click-click.The M2 Note the same. If it was M1 Note sensor (lightly touched, and it worked), then M2 Note have been pressed with a force. In addition, the button does not always work to exit to the desktop. This usually happens when a quick combination of “touch plus depression.” Terribly angry. We have klatsat second time. I can not call myself a particularly nervous, but the high-frequency sound click on the button I was a little annoying.

Also key is a touch zone: touch – out back by one position.

Meizu M2 Note: Dimensions

  • M1 Note – 150.7 x 75.2 x 8.9 mm
  • M2 Note – 150.9 x 75.2 x 8.7 mm

Meizu M2 Note: Weight

  • M1 Note – 145 grams
  • M2 Note – 149 grams

Despite the fact that the thickness of the M1 became a little less than the thickness of M2, the first device felt more massive. The fact that the edges are smoothed M1 stronger in his hand he felt thinner is more convenient. I think in terms of ergonomics design M2 Note loses his elder brother. Another plus in the treasury is not news.

“An important change in terms of design – color. They become less because, according to Bai Yongxiang, choose from a larger number of users of different colors has been difficult. The result left the most popular: white, blue and pink glossy plastic, and added gray of opaque plastic. ” Quote from the first acquaintance with the device from Artem Lutfullina.

The front side is protected by glass AGC Dragontrail / NEG T2X-1 (M1 in glass from Corning was the third generation). Covering the same firm as in M1 Note. There are cool oleophobic layer – finger slides without problems, but the prints still visible. To screen is not much erased, the developers have done a small ledge on the front part. It is formed by the transition from the back to the side of the face.

Plastic is common, nothing original. Over time, erased, so choose light colors, definitely not gray. In general, white unnoticed. My M1 Note erased already well at the bottom.

The assembly is good, similar to the assembly M1: backlash and no crunch, back of the unit is not pressed to the battery.

I summarize in appearance M2 Note concerning the M1 Note. The device has become thinner, but feels it does not feel. Button quite uncomfortable, sometimes it does not work “Home” (mechanical press). But the assembly and quality of the materials were excellent. The screen is also at least no worse than that of M1 Note. Conclusions subjective, can argue with them in the comments below the article.

On top of the front of the panels is the voice speaker. It is loud. The quality is no different from the speaker in M1 Note. Right he dynamics: the front camera, proximity sensor, and light. Works correctly. Since M1 Note indicator events was built in touch pad in M2 Note it had yet to move in a more traditional place – on the left of the speaker. In my opinion, it is less original – as in all.

At the bottom end – micro-USB, microphone and speaker. At the top – the second microphone and 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones.

I think many of those who use or used the M1 Note, marked a very unfortunate location of the power button – at the top. The M2 Note attempted to perform work on the bugs, and … well, in general, have tried. The fact that it is located on the left in the middle. Question: discrimination righties or one of the developers – a lefty? In short, it is necessary to press the middle finger of his right hand. Doing this is not very convenient. Button tight and almost drowned in the case. The impression that came up at the last moment:

Just above the power button – the key-volume rocker. The same “comfortable.”

On the right edge has a metal slide. They fit either two nanoSIM-card or one nanoSIM and memory card microSD. Nanosimkarty, Carl! In such a large body could not do separately two microSIM slot and connector for microSD. I understand that every millimeter is important, but you look disassembly Meizu M2 Note , in place two Apple iPhone 5.

Review smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note: Display

The Meizu M2 Note uses the screen diagonal is 5.5 inches. I recall that in the same M1 Note display in the MX4 – 5.36, and MX4 Pro – 5.5. The physical size of the display M2 Note – 68h121 mm, top and bottom-frame 15 mm, right and left – approximately 3.5 mm. There is anti-reflective coating.

Display resolution M2 Note – FullHD, ie 1080h1920 points, density – 400 pixels per inch. Matrix IGZO IPS OGS from the company Sharp.

The maximum brightness of white color – 409 cd / m2 (in M1 – 480), the maximum brightness of black – 0.58 cd / m2. Contrast Ratio – 704: 1.

White line – is a goal that we are trying to achieve. Yellow Line – Evidence of the screen. You can see that we are directly under the target curve with the values from 0 to 60%, which means that for each value of the picture is not bright, and from 60 to 100% a bit overexposed. Yellow line – the actual average amount of red, green and blue.

The average value of scale – 2.17.

Judging from the graph levels almost ideal case where all the colors are within 100%.

The temperature does not change and is about 6800 K.

Judging by the chart, the data are not quite compatible triangle sRGB. He shifted slightly upwards. The main thing that is not less than the triangle sRGB.

Virtually all the points are located within a radius of gray DeltaE = 10, which indicates that the gray colors will not be other color tones. Serious index!

The viewing angles are maximum, under certain angle of the screen is not yellow and violet.


Meizu M2 Note: Battery

This model uses a non-removable battery capacity of 3100 mAh.

When using the device battery lasted for about 19-20 hours: about 20-30 minutes of calls a day, about 3-6 hours of use 4G, 20 hours Wi-Fi (constant synchronization of mail, “Twitter”, “VotsAp”, ” Skype “and so on), a few tens of photos, music 2:00.

In a power saving mode (3G, music, a little less talk) gadget is up to two days. If you leave only data synchronization (Wi-Fi), you can count on 3-4 days. Up to 13 hours of constant talk.

When auto-tuning the brightness of the screen display is 2 to 3 hours.

At Meizu M1 Note numbers are better (yield up to 5 hours of the screen 24 hours of work), but it does not have 4G.

Meizu M2 Note: Communication capabilities

The device is equipped with two nanoSIM-slots. Both connectors support the work of the network 4G LTE in Russia (FDD-LTE / TD-LTE / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / GSM). Chip NFC not.

Other standard: Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n) Dual-Band, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the connector microUSB (USB 2.0) for charging / synchronization. GPS navigation works without problems.

Review smartphone Meizu M2 Note

Meizu M2 Note: Memory and memory card

The Meizu M2 Note installed 2GB of dual-channel RAM (LPDDR3 800 MHz). At the moment, this is a typical volume of most smartphones average price segment, and three gigabytes is a bit devices. Those small, can safely run to the store for MX4 Pro.

The internal memory of 16 GB and 32 depending on the model. Unlike the M1 Note, in M2 Note appeared slot for memory cards microSD. The maximum amount to as much as 128 GB!

Meizu M2 Note: Cams

Two cameras: the main 13 MT (5 lens aperture F2.2, IR cut filter), 5 megapixel front (OV5670, 4 lenses, aperture F2.0, 69-degree angle). Flash has two colors glow: cold and warm.

Apparently, in the Meizu M2 Note is the same basic camera module, which is used in the M1 Note. However, algorithms, it seems to me, “finished” is not until the end, so the photos come out a little more cloudy. In addition, the camera M2 increasingly trying to draw picture by increasing the brightness of the picture (yes, ISO and shutter speed are the same). In general, the image becomes brighter, but there is more noise. The rest of the cameras are identical: an accurate white balance, fast and accurate focus, soft HDR. More details can be found in the review of Meizu M1 Note.

Front camera identical. The difference – the white balance M2 often knocks.

Video Gadget relieves typical for any modern inexpensive smartphone. Resolution FullHD (in MX4 and MX4 Pro has already appeared UHD) at 15 or 30 frames per second, depending on the level of illumination. I do not like: sharp changes in brightness of the picture.

Meizu M2 Note: Performance and software platform

The device is built on the new 64-bit 8-core chipset from Taiwan’s MediaTek – MT6753. Processor ARM Cortex-A53, the clock speed of each core – 1.5 GHz. As used graphics ARM Mali-T720 (8 cores).

Let me remind you that the Meizu M1 Note is MT6752 (8 cores at a frequency of 1.7 GHz) with graphics Mali-T760 (16 cores). That is, in fact, used in M2 weaker graphics part.

If the speed of the animation and the overall operation of the device there is no question that the games not so good: many of them are only in the medium or low settings, there is no definition animations and textures, there is braking (such as Mortal Kombat X)

Test Quadrant «knocks» 15667 points, and the same test in the M1 – 14518 points. Test Antutu in M2 – 31116 points, M1 – 40607 points.


Software Platform

Meizu M2 Note smartphone running Google Android operating system version 5.1. But by “five” is, unfortunately, nothing left after the Chinese “freewheeling” it Flyme shell version 4.5. In fact, nothing new and interesting shows: animation, the icons, the overall design of the same. Sadly, of course, since Android 5.0 is good without any frills.

Meizu M2 Note: Multimedia

Music player for Meizu. He evolved a bit – just a round steel icons.

The speaker has a very high volume, I think he has got “inherited” from the M1 Note. Clean, without overload.

The sound in the headphones loud, but a little quieter than in the M1. Quality is good, I think, it is the same as in the older version of the device.

Radio is still there. The video player has not changed, but there was a button to display special other video memory.

Meizu M2 Note: Closing

The quality of communication I have is not satisfactory, and vibrating alert is average in power.

I think first of all you are waiting for an answer to the question: to overpay a little and take the M1 Note or save and buy M2 Note? My answer is: Meizu M1 Note – our all. Next – clarification.

First. It seems to me, M1 has a more ergonomic design, its a pleasure to hold in your hands, it is convenient to use, it is a little lighter and thinner than perceived.

Second, a purely subjective. Touch button is more convenient, it works more accurately, is an indicator of the event – a cool feature.

Third. The battery is “live” longer. Of course, due to the absence LTE.

Fourth. The camera shoots better.

Fifth. Faster graphics system: almost all of the toys are on the highest setting.

Sixth. Slightly brighter screen, slightly better color reproduction, wide viewing angles. Although, judging by the data of the calibrator, the display M2 is to be steeper.

Seventh. Normal microSIM-cards. Perhaps for the average user is no particular difference what simkarty is in his machine, but for me as an observer change cards every week is inconvenient. Most of the devices or with miniSIM, either microSIM.

Eighth. You can buy here and now, and not wait for manna from heaven for an unknown price.

Review smartphone Meizu M2 Note updated: June 19, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis