MasterCard is testing the proof of payment by means of scanning the face


To protect yourself from theft credit card numbers, users can define an additional MasterCard security code. This method has been tested in the past year during 3 billion. Transaction, the company said.

However, the password can be forgotten, lost, or it may be stolen. To improve the security of their cards this fall, the company will test the proof of payment by means of scanning faces. Ajay Balla, head of the security division MasterCard, believes that this type of payment is confirmed great potential, because he, as the credits, “close to the Self”.

According to MasterCard, the pilot project will be attended by 500 customers . In the future the system will be provided by officially. For these purposes, MasterCard signed a cooperation agreement with the manufacturers of smartphones and is in talks with two banks.

To use a new type of verification required application MasterCard. Once the user has put the desired items in a virtual shopping cart, they will be asked to select a payment option, and he will be able to choose between a fingerprint, if your smartphone has a corresponding sensor and scanning faces. To scan the faces he would have to look at the front camera and blink to confirm that it is a living person, not a photograph. If the data coincide with the stored profile information, your payment will be carried out.

MasterCard emphasizes that the company does not get the image of the user. The fingerprint is associated with a code that is saved with the device. Information about the person is sent to the server of the company. However, the company will not be able to reconstruct the face.

However, security experts have criticized the transfer of such information. Robert M. Lee, co-founder Dragos Security, said on this subject as follows: “From the point of view of security of personal data, it does not hold water, but also from the standpoint of the company, I do not understand why they are going to take that risk.”

Since the new system is yet in beta, it still may change.

MasterCard is testing the proof of payment by means of scanning the face updated: July 5, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis