Major media will post your content on Facebook

Major media will post your content on Facebook

The largest social network in the world Facebook has become an important player in the media. Several popular publications are in talks to host their articles directly on the platform of the company. It is reported by The New York Times.

Facebook is in talks with several major media outlets. The subject is the placement of the content of media organizations directly on the social networking site. Now to read the article, the user must click on the link to the site of publication, perhaps this will soon remain in the past.

For leading media 1.4 billion Facebook users have always been attractive audience. Now, in the pursuit of readers publications are willing to sacrifice the most important thing – independence.
Known news publications is always sensitive about placing their content on third-party sites, but new realities forced to change existing views. Go to website publishers borrows from Facebook users on average eight seconds. It’s too long, according to the manual of social networks, especially in the era of mobile Internet. The company believes that in order to attract the attention of the modern user is important every millisecond. Therefore, social networks offer publishers to post content directly, avoiding unnecessary delays and making consumption information more natural.

Major media will post your content on Facebook

The main stumbling block, according to The New York Times, is an advertising model. Facebook plans to remove all advertisements in the publication of articles. The matter is complicated by the fact that the company has no experience in the distribution of revenues with publishers. Content in exchange for traffic – this is the usual model of interaction. One solution to the problem is the placement of a single advertising message in a format selectable Facebook.

Observers note that the placement of content directly – an undeniable victory for the social network, which is not true about publishing. The new format of cooperation will transform Facebook into one of the most influential players in the media market. It is reported that the pilot test will begin in a few months. First partners become The New York Times, National Geographic and Buzzfeed.

Source:В The New York Times

Major media will post your content on Facebook updated: March 25, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis