Lytro changes: in the viewfinder video and virtual reality

Lytro changes: in the viewfinder video and virtual reality

Fans will associate the name of Lytro’s Light Field Camera to that, that puts a camera system offers very unusual: the image is associated with a “depth map”, thus allowing you to focus on the shot in the desired area and not after before the click. After the first model the company has given continuity to the project with Illum, a camera in every respect, with optical 30-250mm equivalent F2 and can produce images at 4 megapixels in which to focus on the subject after shooting.

The Verge informs us that Lytro has now other projects or to exploit the technologies so far established to point straight to the world of video content and virtual reality. Fresh new funding ($ 50 million), the company is convinced that its technologies are optimally suited to the requirements related to the virtual world and the creation of videos to be integrated in the various wearable devices, but not only.

Not good news for some employees, as the staff of about 130 people will be immediately reduced by 25-50 units, to make room for at least as many elements focused on new targets. According to what was stated by Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro, those who create virtual environments can draw countless benefits from the technologies of the brand, to achieve much more easily a world that must be related to who wears a virtual reality headset with a lot of games and prospective elements more or less in focus.

For now the information ends here but we will not fail to update you as soon as we will know something more precise.

Lytro changes: in the viewfinder video and virtual reality updated: February 26, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis