Next generation iPhone will support Li-Fi

Next generation iPhone will support Li-Fi

Four years ago, at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Japanese company Casio has demonstrated the ability to transfer data between smartphones through the screens.

This idea sounded surprising and futuristic, but since that time technology of wireless data transmission using light beams has not received serious development. However, technology received the official name Li-Fi.

It seems that Li-Fi technology can get a “second wind”, thanks to the future Apple smartphones.

At the moment, the US company has not made official statements, but a couple of days ago Chase Fromm found string with the text “LiFiCapability” in the code of the operating system Apple iOS 9.1, which clearly suggests to us that the future Apple devices may have the support of Li-Fi.

Next generation iPhone will support Li-Fi

Today’s smartphones iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus running the operating system iOS. However, they do not have function Li-Fi, so we assume that the support of Li-Fi will be available in the next generation of Apple smartphones.

Technology Li-Fi provides data transfer rates of up to 1 GB/s (in theory it can be increased up to 224 GB/s).  In general, the technology can be an alternative to NFC, which today is used for contactless payments via smartphones.

Another advantage of Li-Fi is that the attackers will be much more difficult to intercept data because Li-Fi does not use radio channel, unlike NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Nowadays the issue of confidentially of personal data is very important. It is possible that this advantage of technology of optical data transmission was the reason that Apple decided to implement it in future smartphones.

Next generation iPhone will support Li-Fi updated: January 19, 2016 author: John Cross