iOS 9 allows you to use the iPad as a PC?

iOS 9 allows you to use the iPad as a PC?

Before the advent of iPad, we literally lived computers. On the plane, in the car, traveling – many could not imagine myself without a laptop, which, by the way, at the time weighed about five kilograms. iPad decided several problems of millions of people, as was sent to the simplicity and direct interaction with the user.

At WWDC 2015 Apple introduced iOS 9 with new features for the iPad, which leave its as simple, but with more features . The new multitasking allows two applications at once by dividing the display into two parts.

In addition, with the function of “Picture in Picture” you can position the video anywhere on the screen while using another application. Add to this the Notification Center, Control Center … what do you need?

This is the balance that is needed to the user: more features without complicating the operating system. It may give him the iPad, but can not give a laptop.

Can the iPad replace a laptop? To answer this question of people with tablets and computers in the cabin of the aircraft. If the iPad and is not able to become a full-fledged replacement for a laptop, users have enough of what they have. This is also evidenced PC market decline and the rise of tablets sold around the world.

If you use the iPad as the main computer, what kind of job you would have it performed? It would help in this iOS 9?

iOS 9 allows you to use the iPad as a PC? updated: June 24, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis