Instagram has received a major update

Instagram has received a major update

Yesterday, one of the most popular Instagram networks rolled out a full-scale update, which brought not only a fresh appearance, but also a completely new type of search.

From now on, you can search photos, not only to carry on labels, hashtag and users, but also in places, ie geolocation installed on the published photos.

300 million active users of Instagram know do not know what’s going on outside of their subscriptions. Search sites should expand the range of interests of users. More than 70 million photos every day fast in the famous social network, and now it will be possible to find exactly where and what the pictures were taken.

Seals, food, self and other pleasures of life which have become habitual daily ritual – it’s Instagram. Now in the new shell.


Instagram has received a major update updated: June 26, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis