IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

Each year on a morning presentation at IFA Samsung sold out, people are in the hallways, huddled around screens outside the hall to see the performance of top managers. The reason is not the popularity of the company as such, but the fact that the exhibition comes to a number of journalists that crowded on any action almost impossible. With cameras and video, filmed on tablets and mobile phones, they fill every square centimeter. Take off like a zombie bite, without meaning and sense, immediately flooding the Internet with their creativity.

This year, Samsung made the first smart thing – pre-register for the presentation, without the barcode could not go to the gym, which in combination are all the new products of the company. Instead of the usual thousands of journalists came to less than half that I was incredibly pleased, rather than the TV broadcast could watch the presentation live, and after that go on the stand and look at the trends.Separately, I note that the demonstration planned for hours Unpacked, which takes place in the evening. On the stand the place was closed for hours and the watch itself did not show. I will write about them separately, but in the meantime, let’s see where he goes Samsung.

The new strategic direction – the Internet of things

Life is visibly accelerating, even twenty years ago, the number of destinations that promise new, unexplored markets was small, they appear very rarely. Let us recall the development of WiFi, which with a light hand Intel became common everywhere. Then there was the concept of “smart” home, which is not soared, there was a parallel mobile revolution. In recent years, increasingly moving to the start-forgotten concept of smart home, it got out of cloth and each manufacturer is trying to bring into it something of their own. Someone like Nest releases individual devices, elements of the home of the future, and who is not a trifle, and tries to create all at once.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

The Samsung has always relied on large-scale projects, the Korean soul is less wide than the Russian. If you do not care, they are used to in other companies, and threw all their forces into the breach.Remember, five years ago the company decided that the direction of e-books for her interesting? At IFA showed a dozen different books in eINK, as the copies of what competitors are doing, and quite breath-taking books for the classroom, when the teacher would give assignments, and check student. None of this, we have not seen on the market, the company rushed into the breach not really taken an interest in the prospects of such products, and partners do not understand how to sell them. What is the result? CLOSE.

With the Internet of Things (IoT cut) will succeed anyway, no one doubts that this is the future. The number of commercial products are already in the hundreds, and every year they appear more and more. Samsung decided that it was time for the offensive and began to create such solutions. To this end a separate company was bought, which had their own experience in the field of smart home, and all the area called SmartThings.

If you fall into the same fascination with the idea that managers Samsung today, one can imagine that tomorrow all of the devices have to be equipped with sensors and will be able to work in the cloud, and you will begin to receive their alerts to your phone or tablet. It reminds me of the famous saying about the death of the theater, which never took place. Probably Fits Samsung and everything is so rosy, as trying to paint today. But there are a few points, each of which is important and it seems to me that the company is suitable to the subject cautiously and carefully.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

First, the Samsung did not try to grasp the immensity and invites all to participate in developing the concept of smart home, based on shared standards. Surprisingly in this approach is that the company has always tried to act differently, to be like Apple and if you make any decisions, the only pre-buying companies that stand behind them. Now, a full 180-degree turn, invites independent developers, encourage them and do not possess the key technology alone.

After talking with a few friends in the Samsung, has come to an independent conclusion – the company believes it can create a user friendly interface and the decisions that will be the common denominator for all the smart home, a kind of control center. Also, they can be connected to it all the electronics. In a conversation whether the promise was made, or the desire – all produced Samsung products must be compatible with the IoT 2020. Interestingly, during the presentation of this figure is also flashed. Look at the slide.

Currently the company has a smart sockets that connect to the control center, the latter running on AC power or up to 10 hours on internal battery. Pretty typical solutions that can not boast of something special. By the way, they have gone on sale in the US next month will be in the UK until the end of the year in Europe.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

No one expects these products break this current generation, which can be considered as the basis for future experiments. The Samsung overtures market by releasing new products, one of them was a dream analyzer, which is shown with great fanfare at the IFA.

In contrast, bracelets and other similar devices, it does not need to wear a. Puts it under a bed, and he begins to learn how you sleep, the company promises accuracy to 97%. Not bad? Yes, until you think about the fact that you can not sleep alone and then the results are not as accurate. In theory, such a device can provide a variety of information at the presentation were the doctors, who spoke about the benefits of such measurements, but for me personally it was not convinced. The toy, which will need a small number of people. Good thing she did not contact, bad that there is no breakthrough.

We have become very demanding as consumers to novelties. We do not want the simple things, and desirable revolution that will reveal our secret needs and show you how to satisfy them. But miracles do not happen and every company is by trial and error trying to find new niches in the market. Samsung is the direction of the Internet of Things becomes a priority and will appear more and more of these devices. But something really meaningful is expected.

German cars and Samsung – the symbiosis incompatible

The fact that the car market for electronics manufacturers is becoming a lure became clear a few years ago, everyone rushed to work with large corporations and tried to offer them their services. For most companies, it did not work, but the Samsung picked up the keys to the heart of BMW, and VW. With these companies, Samsung’s partnership on the proposal of new services, such as on a new 7-ke from BMW navigation and things like that on the plates TAB S2, plus the added special modes.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

With MirrorLink connection mode mobile devices from Samsung to the majority of machines will be a matter of seconds in the company for all the latest models added automotive mode (he was once on a number of flagship, now it will be everywhere). You can connect your phone and see all the information on a regular system of the car, but you can just use your phone as you prefer.

For hours that morning had not yet shown already have a mode in which they remember where you left the car and can show a route to it (not all cars VW, but only a part of the system equipped with a standard VW). The second feature interesting, smart phone or watch you remember shut down the machine or not, I can tell you that you forgot to do it and shut it down remotely. Certainly, there is a remote engine start, adjustable climate control and other small items.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

All this applies in theory to the Internet of things, in practice it is a separate and more destinations. There are rumors that several manufacturers have announced a partnership with Samsung this year and show their cars with the decisions of the company. This is another strategic direction, which touched on the presentations and have devoted a lot of time to it.

Progress in the washing machine and TV – the current market

It’s one thing when a company talks about his vision of the future, and it is quite another litany of what has already taken place. More than ten years the leader in the segment of televisions increased by almost three times sales UHD-TV. Bored? Probably yes, if you’re not an analyst with the consumer electronics market.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

People want to see clear and simple solutions, such as adding HDR-mode for high-definition video requires no special explanation, all people understand that the picture becomes brighter.

But I was most curious invention is shown washing machine, which is made in the door a second door, allowing even during the wash to report some of the things – whether it is socks or jeans. Do not know about you, but I have always happens this situation – Download car leaving things to run the program. And at this moment, when the law of meanness she was filled with water, you see in front of something forgotten, that is no longer possible to report. Here is the door and allows you to do this. Simple, clear and, most importantly, it is convenient.

They promised that the machine will go on sale early next year, but to see her alive could not – were her options without doors. Some phlegmatic manager explained that this is an innovation, and they did not want to disclose to its competitors. Another said that the machine with the door tomorrow.

Nothing more curious during the presentation was said, an exception only when gaming, which launches Samsung. Let’s see how it will be successful counterparts do not feel very good (and very few). For Samsung this project is not the main, but simply recycling part of TV consumers that are willing to use the service and gaming company.

If you wander through the booth, you can see some interesting things. For example, a headset Level U Pro, which is characterized by two new colors – gold and black, as well as the fact that it has 4 microphones instead of two, improved sound UHQ upscaler, and also have protection from moisture. A word much better model than the usual Level U.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

Various accessories and things like that I’m not very attracted unless we talk about competition, who spent Samsung among third-party developers. Magic capsule that can count how many opened and closed your refrigerator and then tell you about it. Charger for smart phone with an ultraviolet lamp, which disinfects the phone screen, killing all bacteria. Funny thing, no more than that, but they have at least some unusual ideas.

Still very much like the way changed the efficiency of chargers, the stand is shown in the figures. Impressive that these changes have taken place in such a short period of time.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

I liked the new generation of wireless speakers, they now have the oval and round. Choose the shape. They play loud and very clean, managed as a phone and a tablet. I advise you to pay attention to them.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

But if we talk in general about what happened at the launch of Samsung, one can definitely say that it was boring. The problem is not in the company, not in my perception of the world, but only in the fact that the market this year, that’s that. Announcement of direction without any real and popular products that you can touch. Something tells me that next year at the Samsung booth will be the car in which there were different gadgets and electronic chips. But this is still a whole year.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement

Pro Gear S2 will be a separate article, I plan to get to the Unpacked and tell you all that I see there.

IFA 2015. Samsung is sent to the Internet of things, the policy statement updated: September 4, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis