IBM Identity Mixer: cloud to protect privacy

IBM Identity Mixer: cloud to protect privacyIBM Identity Mixer: cloud to protect privacy

One of the most urgent problems of modern information technology for consumers is to protect their personal data. Researchers from IBM’s stated that they were able to move forward in the creation of cloud technologies to help users protect their online data, including date of birth, home address, credit card numbers and more.

The technology, named Identity Mixer, uses a cryptographic algorithm to encrypt most of the user’s personal information in such a way that third parties have minimal access to sensitive data. Identity Mixer allows users to clearly define what data will be disclosed and to whom. Thus, providers of web services will be able to increase the credibility of customers, as the latter can not use them to high risks.

To understand how important the problem, note these studies comScore. The average user spends about 25 hours a month, using the Internet to access dozens of different online services, including online banking, online shopping, social networking. For almost every service user is forced to create a personal profile with a username, password, sometimes a cryptographic certificate. While such an approach, in most cases allows an acceptable level of security, however, the user privacy can not be guaranteed. It is often requested more personal data than is actually required. A scandalous cases of “leakage” of entire databases with large resources all have probably heard more than once.

IBM Identity Mixer: cloud to protect privacy

So how does the Identity Mixer? Suppose to start an online cinema film “adults only” Ellis should confirm that it is not less than 18 years. Usually in this case, it fills the full date of birth and address, even though not all of it really need to know to third parties. In the case of technology, IBM, Identity Mixer simply confirms the service that Ellis did not at least 18 years, as well as the fact that she lives in a region that is accessible to display the content. Thus, even if the video service ever hacked, loss Ellis will not suffer any. The same applies to the situation where Alice wants to buy a movie online, Identity Mixer confirm that her credit card is unlocked and can be used for payment.

Identity Mixer is a cloud web service as part of IBM BlueMix platform and will be available for developers already starting in the spring. Subscribers BlueMix can experiment with different applications and services. According to the developers, the creation of Identity Mixer preceded by several years of research.

IBM Identity Mixer: cloud to protect privacy updated: January 31, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis