Huawei Honor Band. First look

Huawei Honor Band. First look


Besides Honor 7 announced and fitness bracelet Huawei Honor Band Zero (we have it will be called simply Honor Band). NEW device seemed interesting, so I decided to talk about it a little more.

Characteristics Honor Band

  • Materials: silicone strap, protective glass, aluminum bezel
  • Dimensions: mm 229.4h38h9.5
  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Display: OLED, 128×128 pixels
  • Battery: Built-in 70 mAh
  • Protection: Standard IP68, water and dust
  • The price of 5000 rubles

Appearance, materials, dimensions Honor Band

The Huawei have decided that it makes sense to do a fitness bracelet design hours, taking into account that users like this format (remember the Moto 360 or Withings Activite), and, in my opinion, it has paid off. In Honor Band concise and rigorous design with no frills and superfluous elements on the body. On sale are the options of black and white.

Silicone bracelet strap, it is made with a neat textured pattern looks like a nice solution.

Huawei Honor Band. First look

The rim clock made of aluminum, and the back cover of opaque plastic, covered with a protective glass screen.

Dimensions of the device is quite compact, they are significantly lower than the size of a standard smart watch: 229.4x38x9.5 mm, weight – 40 grams.

Screen Honor Band

In contrast to the smart watch on Android Wear / WatchOS, in Honor Band uses a simple OLED-display with a resolution of 128×128 pixels. In my opinion, its size (just over an inch) and resolution enough for the eye to display all relevant information, with the OLED-screens slower drain on the battery.

The watch has a motion sensor, it detects when you lift arm and includes a display, it also includes a dual tapom (although this method is not always worked in my sample).

Huawei Honor Band. First look

Functionality and operating system

The bracelet Honor Band set its own operating system from Huawei, in my opinion, it is concise and easy to use. Initially the screen is displayed in front of you with the clock, date, information about the charge and Bluetooth-connection.

Screens are switched by swipe down. Initially displays the number of steps traveled; then the time you slept over last night; then manual timer, and the last point is setting the bracelet.

They are modest, you can only change the subject hours or reset the device to factory settings. Personally, I would not mind even by changing the time display is turned off, as it is only 3-4 seconds, take a picture of the screen during this time is not always possible.

Huawei Honor Band. First look

Mobile App Honor Band

The watch operates through corporate application Huawei Wear, available not only on Android, but for iOS! In addition, Huawei Wear is able to sync with Apple Health, Jawbone Up and MyFitnessPal. For such a big support for the synchronization of the development can only praise.

Autonomy Honor Band

Battery capacity of Honor Band is 70 mAh, the manufacturer promises up to one week of battery life on a charge, check the information I could only after a long time of testing.

Huawei Honor Band. First look

Conclusion Honor Band

In my opinion, for the pedometer and sleep tracker with good design, it is a very good price tag, given the current dollar exchange rate. Further discuss novelty in the full review.

Huawei Honor Band. First look updated: September 19, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis