HTC Vive: the final version will be presented in mid-October

At the MWC 2015 Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC and Valve have announced a virtual reality goggles . The equipment had to develop HTC, as a game developer – to provide the required content from the platform Steam.

The concept of the device is more like the Oculus Rift, than Gear VR, because unlike glasses Samsung, HTC Vive will be equipped with two screen – a smartphone is not required. Each of the screens is designed for one eye and the screen resolution is 1200 x 1080 pixels, the frame rate – 90 Hz. You can use any headphones, it will be created to control wireless controller for both hands, which will move into a virtual reality. For a 360-degree view of the space will be available to 77 sensors that will record not only the movement of the user’s head, but its motion in space.

Developer Kit was provided for registered developers a few weeks ago , but now finalized the final version. Jeffrey Gattis of HTC said that the glasses will be ready by mid-October, but the exact date he did not name. Currently, work is underway on the controllers and design. It will be a little thinner.

If all goes according to plan, we will see HTC Vive in stores as early as this year.

HTC Vive: the final version will be presented in mid-October updated: July 16, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis