How to increase the speed of Wi-Fi

How to increase the speed of Wi-Fi

According to statistics, about 75% of users do not have claims to the home router and connection speed. But only if the user is surfing the Internet, browse social networks, rocking music or photo. For these purposes would be sufficient bandwidth in 3-5 Mbit / s. But when you need to run a torrent file on the laptop and say “heavy” movie – the problems begin. It turns out that the download speed does not exceed 10-20 MB / sec. And at the rate you, for example, should get 50-70 MB / s. If you encounter this problem, find out how to improve Wi-Fi connection to your home router.

Use the latest wireless technology

One of the best ways to make your network fast and reliable – to use modern routers.

Find the perfect place for a router

The router can be very ugly, but it does not mean that you have to hide it behind the TV cabinet. If you want to get a good signal, it is necessary to install a router on an open area of ​​the room, without walls and obstacles. Install the antenna vertically, and the router lift from the floor. Sometimes it is so that the ideal place for this gadget becomes the attic. Finally, make sure that the router is in the center of your apartment, so you can get a good signal to any room.

Finding the right wireless channel

If your neighbors are routers, they can also weaken the signal strength of your device. WiFi-routers can operate in several channels, so you need to find one that will experience minimal interference from other equipment. For the selection of a channel, you can use utilities Wi-Fi Stumbler or Wi-Fi Analyzer. You can easily find a guide on the internet.

 Get rid of the influence on other devices router

Other routers – not the only thing that can prevent your device. Smart phones, microwave ovens and other household appliances also creates electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies. Remedy the situation is to purchase a dual-band router. However, if you do not want to buy a new device, you can simply try to push the router away from technology.

 Protect the router from thieves

Even if you set a password on the router, it does not mean that it can not be hacked. Always use a WPA password and further filtering by MAC-address. So you completely eliminate the ability to connect to your network of third-party resources.

 Limit the priorities for specific applications

If someone in your home is constantly sitting on the video chat, download files from torrents, playing online games, this is serious impact on the speed of the Internet on your computer. In this case, you need not amplify the signal Wi-Fi, and set priorities for certain applications. You can do this by configuring Quality of Service or QoS. With QoS, you can limit the use of wireless internet games or video chats, in favor of more important programs.

Set the schedule reboot the router

If you notice that the signal quality improves after a router reboot it, use it. You can configure the router reboots once per day or even more often. This can be done using a timer through which connect the router to the network 220. So you save yourself from having to adjust the timer each time manually.

How to increase the speed of Wi-Fi updated: April 8, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis