How does the function display screen in OS X

How does the function display screen in OS X

Traditionally, Apple is trying to build in OS X convenient tools, in order to simplify daily work and relieve the user from the supply side. One such pleasant things is to show the screen, which previously had to be used, for example, Skype . Let’s see how to enable this option.

Actually, clog the system of individual application developers did not. Instead, a popular feature built into the Messages app, with which users exchange technology Apple iMessage, and with the advent Continuity – and ordinary SMS. All that is required for such a “video” – set both interlocutors OS X version is not lower than 10.10. So, go to the message, select the contact with whom you would like to “share” screen, and click on the “More” in the upper right corner.

The program will offer two options:” Invite to the total screen “and” Request access to the Home Screen. ” In the first case will be displayed on your computer screen, in the second – the interlocutor. Hopefully this simple trick will save time if you need something to show on your computer.

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How does the function display screen in OS X updated: July 6, 2015 author: Maria Sheen