How to choose smartphone in 2016? Main errors

How to choose smartphone in 2016? Main errors

Electronics industry is an endless conveyor, which makes a profit by producing and selling a huge number of devices. New smartphones are released every week: a million similar models, but how to choose the right smartphone? How not to get lost and spend money wisely?

How to choose a smartphone: from what to start?

  • Price: It is known that expensive smartphones are better, but in 2016 midrange devices work quickly, have good battery and long battery life. If you do not plan to shoot 4K video, then middle-class smartphone the best option for you.
  • Year: no more than 12 months. The golden rule: you can buy an old smartphone only if it is the former flagship.
  • Popularity: One of the best options to choose a reliable smartphone – is to find the most popular. Smartphone is not high art, but a thing of prime necessity. High-power specification is not always a guarantee of quality: 90 megapixels does not help to make a masterpiece photos, a million cores – no guarantee of smooth scrolling in the browser.How to choose smartphone in 2016? Main errors

Bad idea №1 – trust “experts”

You can view the reviews of smartphone, but it is not always necessary to trust them. Perhaps technoblogger cooperating with PR expert of the company, and specifically praises the smartphone.

In addition, they usually spend 2-3 days of testing, which is not enough to understand how good a smartphone.

Bad idea №2 – buy a new model

New smartphone is the cat in the bag. Advantages and disadvantages will open only after the purchase.

There are no perfect smartphones in the world, every smartphone has a problem in optimization, interface smoothness, speed camera operation, overheating.

Bad idea №3 – focus on brandHow to choose smartphone in 2016? Main errors

If Samsung washing machine is working properly fifty years – that is no reason to buy a smartphone from Samsung. In 2016, 8 of the top 12 smartphone manufacturers are Chinese companies. Smartphones from China are cheaper therefore they are so popular.

Bad idea №4 – believe stereotypes about operating systems

Applications for Windows Phone (2016 – Windows 10 Mobile) are really small number, but it has all the necessary (social networking clients, instant messengers) and regularly updated. And forget the times when users of Android smartphones continually charge their smartphones.How to choose smartphone in 2016? Main errors

Two major mobile platforms (Android an iOS) are more and more common every year, so buying a new smartphone often depends from ecosystem. The owner of an old iPhone 5s with dozens of purchased apps and games, archive photos in iCloud easier to migrate to iPhone 6 Plus, then learn new Nexus device.

How to choose smartphone in 2016? Main errors updated: July 7, 2016 author: John Cross