How best to charge your iPhone and iPad

How best to charge your iPhone and iPad

How you charge your iPhone or iPad ? I’m sure many will answer this question in different ways: on the way to work in the car, every night, in the subway with an external battery and so on. The same applies to the charging and approaches – some waiting until the power unit will be close to zero, the other can connect it to the network and by 70-80%. What is the right way?

The authoritative Leimer technician Eric gave a few tips that will help extend the battery life of the iPhone or iPad .

According to the expert, the battery unit should be maintained at a level of 40% to 80%. Even better – no more than 50%. The lower the level of the charge, the more charging cycles you receive from your device. Therefore, if it is not charged up to 100%, the battery will work much better.

In addition, it is not recommended to keep the unit permanently on charge to maintain battery in working condition. If you connect an iPhone or iPad to charge several times, the battery will last you longer. The same, incidentally, applies to computers Mac.

Another tip – do not confuse nickel battery with a lithium-ion batteries installed in the iPhone and iPad. They do not have the “memory effect» on such a scale that you had several times to defuse the device and charge it again after purchase.

Try to not to put your iPhone or iPad too hot / cold environment . If the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the battery will lose annually one-fifth of its capacity. That is why it is better not to charge devices wirelessly (with special adapters), as they create excess heat.


How best to charge your iPhone and iPad updated: August 5, 2015 author: Maria Sheen