Google released Android Wear for iOS

Google will not participate in the IFA in Berlin, which begins on Friday. However, this is the company prepared a most unexpected surprise for the exhibition. A few hours ago, she said, now that Android Wear compatible with iOS. This confirms the rumors, которые appeared in spring . Then we say that the subject touches on the company developer conference I / O.

According to the description, Android Wear on iOS does not support all the features that it supports on Android. Here are just warning of applications installed on your phone, Google Now and sensors integrated into the watch – apart from anything else, it comes to counting steps and pulse measurement. Not mentioned, among other things, sending messages without applying Google Hangouts and connecting two hours using the Together . It is also evidenced by the number and version of the application companion.

As for the specific compatibility, Google has provided more precise details. As a minimum, it requires iOS 8.2 on your smartphone, as well as the iPhone 5 in the number of hours includes only compatible LG Urbane. However, the company promises that in the future all the clocks based on Android Wear will be compatible with iOS, and among them are named Huawei Watch and upcoming models of Motorola and ASUS. More information will be on Wednesday, when all the three producers hold their presentations at the IFA.

Google released Android Wear for iOS

Thus, iPhone users will have access to a wider range of “smart” watches and, in addition, will increase the pressure on Apple. Although the functionality of Apple Watch, at least for the moment wider ratio of price – quality often speaks in favor of equipment based on Android Wear. On the other hand, such a move has long been waiting for manufacturers such as LG and Huawei, who were looking for a wider range of buyers for their relatively expensive watches.

At the moment, the application in the App Store is not, but in a roundabout way, through iTunes , a program the size of 44 MB is already can get .

Google released Android Wear for iOS updated: September 1, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis