Google radically updated web application Contacts

Google radically updated web application Contacts

“Contacts” that underlie Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and other services Google, underwent a serious redesign. In addition to updated and refreshed appearance, web application has a number of new features, further simplifying the work with him.

If we talk about the design, the application brought into line with the new style, which has previously received Google+, Inbox and other services. For example, to create a new contact is initiated by pressing the large round button with a plus sign in the lower right corner of the page. If you use the Inbox, you will feel right at home here, although Gmail users have a bit of getting used to.

In addition to design, Google has equipped service three new features. Firstly, it is very easy to integrate similar and identical contacts (e.g., email contact one another and his telephone – in the other). The service makes it intelligently and fully automatically at the touch of a button.

Google radically updated web application Contacts

You can very easily see the last letters and meetings (through integration with Gmail and Calendar respectively) associated with a particular contact. Finally, Contacts will be constantly updated on the basis of data from user profiles.

As before, right in the Contacts, you can write a user an email, call or add Hangouts in a circle Google+ (or remove from).

Source: TechCrunch

Google radically updated web application Contacts updated: March 4, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis