Google manipulated the search results

Google manipulated the search results

Google Inc. has once again caught in the rigging of search results. Search engine on a regular basis to promote their services in the search results. Such information is contained in the report of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The data contained in the report FTC, Google Inc. convict in unfair competition. Internet giant on an ongoing basis to promote their services in the search results, even if they were irrelevant to the user.

For example, the service Google Flights to order tickets appear constantly on top of the search bar, despite the fact that it offers far fewer flights than many of its competitors. Google Shopping results also appeared in front of many services, despite the fact that users visited Google Shopping least at sites other than the price of services.

Google uses unfair practices to this day, according to the authors of the report. Last month, the company was listed in the search results rigging in favor when comparing prices for auto insurance.

Many companies have complained of discrimination by the search engine Google. Internet giant has always denied such charges. In 2011, the Corporation has been a defendant at the hearing FTC. Then the agency recognized companies in the innocent use of methods of unfair competition and decided not to investigate its activities. In 2013, the European antitrust authorities have caught Google’s fraudulent promotion of services.

However, given the experience of the company and an army of lawyers available 24 hours a day, there is no doubt that the Internet giant will come away with it this time.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Google manipulated the search results updated: March 23, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis