Google and Levi’s introduce jacket with “smart” fibers

Google and Levi's introduce jacket with "smart" fibers

Google and the clothing manufacturer Levi’s have introduced the first commercial product based on the Project Jacquard. Companies will offer a denim jacket for cyclists with conductive threads to interact with a smartphone. Thus jacket becomes a kind of remote controller.

Google had introduced Project Jacquard at its developer conference Google I/O 2015. This year’s event was used to launch the first commercial product. Google has agreed to a partnership with the clothing manufacturer Levi’s to release a product on sale next year.

New technology uses conductive material, which can detect touch, pressure and position of the hand near the textile fabric.

Google and Levi's introduce jacket with "smart" fibers

Today Google announced that the particular version of Levi’s jacket has an interactive material at the end of the left arm. Material includes a small Bluetooth sensor by which the jacket establishes a connection to the smartphone. Also jacket supports various gestures with which you can interact with certain apps. As Google has shown, you can change the volume of music in the usual movement up or down the sleeves of the jacket.

Given that Google has agreed with Levi’s, we believe that smart clothing will be sold like any other in the stores. Moreover, denim jacket can be washed, but before that you need to remove Bluetooth sensor.

In the near future Google will release a lot of similar clothing, including sports and business fashion. Developers from Google will provide a set of APIs that will need to be used to establish a connection between the clothing and smartphone.

The Levi’s jacket with jacquard technique of Google will come on the market from early 2017, but in the fall Google will release a “beta testers”. Information about the price is still unknown.

Google and Levi’s introduce jacket with “smart” fibers updated: May 21, 2016 author: John Cross