Google is working on virtual reality-version of Android

Google is working on virtual reality-version of Android

In Google decided to make a serious bid for virtual reality. According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal, which refers to its own sources, Google has created a team of engineers to develop the Android version for virtual reality applications. According to sources, the project involved “tens of engineers.”

Google already has at least one project of virtual reality – Cardboard, cardboard glasses collected on the proposed drawings and instructions. This is an inexpensive alternative to the “serious» VR-glasses and helmets, these glasses can be assembled on their own or buy from a third party. Display for them is a smartphone, and the client application has been downloaded over a million times.
It is very likely that the new version of Android, «sharpened” under virtual reality will be focused precisely on Cardboard, although unlikely to work with him on an exclusive basis.

Google has not commented on this information, and the report WSJ no special details, whether the characteristics of the new OSes or timing of its release to the market. However, it is noted that the project is headed by Clay Bavor and Jeremy Doig. Beyvor involved in the project and Cardboard.

Market virtual reality recently warmed up to the limit. Last year, Facebook has bought a $ 2 billion company Oculus VR, show good progress Sony and Samsung, and HTC and Valve at the recent exhibition MWC impressed many with his glasses Vive, who collected a lot of admiring reviews.


Google is working on virtual reality-version of Android updated: March 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis