Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

In addition to the new Nexus 5X and 6P, at the last presentation also spoke about a number of interesting updates its services, new and updated Chromecast Chromebook Pixel C.

Google Photo

With the announcement of Google Photo innovations in speaker drew attention to the fact that now share photos with loved ones is not so convenient. Your mom and dad can regularly ask them to send new images grandchildren, but you cannot do it all the time? Now you can.

For example, you create a new album in Google Photo, adding to photos and then send links to parents. Another link goes to your wife, who also receives the right to add the photos in this album. And your parents include update notifications in this album. Thus, you and your wife do not need to constantly send parents individual photos, you get a share in the album, and parents – updates current favorite grandchildren.

Family – is not the only use case, you can create separate albums for colleagues, friends, relatives or your subscribers, for example. The latter option is particularly important for well-known photographers.

When viewing pictures from Google Chromecast you can return to the menu, find the right image, but on the big screen all the time will show the previous picture.

Also we talked about the new search capabilities, based on face detection and sorting of images by date / geotagging.

Google Music

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

Changes in the music a little bit. Because the most important thing is to provide the appearance of a family subscription for $ 15 for six people, with each account will have its recommendations, etc.

Google Chromecast

Gadgets Google Chromecast got a big update. Let’s start with design. The new model has got three bright colors, round body and short little HDMI-cable instead of a simple plug. By the way, when you carry a Chromecast you can attach a cable to the body through a magnetic back side.

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

Significantly worked on the reception Wi-Fi, so the new device just three antennas, while Chromecast automatically determines which of them are best to use, depending on the position of the router.

At Google, we decided to help users to solve another problem – we, of course, the eternal question of “what would we have yet to see?”. Now, in a separate Chromecast app will be recommendations for viewing by a series of new applications that support image transmission through it.

Fast Play technology detects when you opened the application on your phone, and then in the background loads it on your TV. Because of this, when you send a demo screen to Chromecast   it is turned on instantly. Also, learn how to identify the application, on which series you left off, and when you first open the background will load the data for the next episode, it will immediately begin viewing without the tedious process of buffering.

Special attention was paid to the games and Chromecast. It noted that the large screen is ideal for a variety of games and in Google know about it. In the new model, you can play with friends in multiplayer, using a joystick to their smartphones.

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

The second model presented – Chromecast Audio. Do you often faced with the fact that your wonderful speakers or audio system simply is not possible to broadcast songs from your library? With Chromecast Audio solves this problem. You just connect it to any audio source, and then you can manage it from any smartphone. An interesting feature is the “interception” of management, when someone from the household listens to your playlist, and you can switch it to the next song.

Both new Chromecast will be priced at $ 35, we will be at a price tag 2300 (in my opinion) rubles, as well as the previous generation. About the most important, unfortunately, I did not say, I now very interested in the maximum resolution of the image, the network rumors 1080p, but it would be an official confirmation from Google.

Google Pixel C

As Google unveiled the tablet convertible under its own brand called Pixel C. It would seem logical, if he was on the Chrome OS, but the novelty will be running Android 6.0, and it is, in my opinion, only a plus.

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

The device is a 10.2-inch tablet with a resolution of 2560h1800 points and has a maximum brightness of 500 nt. Interestingly, the aspect ratio of 1.42: 1, which equals the aspect ratio from the A4 sheet. It is believed that the information in this ratio is best seen in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Responsible for the performance chipset NVIDIA Tegra K1, the amount of RAM – 3 GB (LPDDR4), the capacity of internal storage – 32/64 GB. As interesting features worth noting the presence of the port USB Type C, and the four built-in microphones.

It provides for an optional keyboard plate, it is attached to the magnets and connected using Bluetooth. Interestingly, when it guided the creation of the keyboard Chromebook Pixel, however, because of the smaller decided to reduce only the most underutilized keys. The keyboard can operate up to two months on a single charge, while charging it from the tablet when it is folded!

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates

Someone entire structure might seem flimsy, but the presentation of Pixel C even turned upside down, and he is not detachable. The opening angle ranges from 100 to 135 degrees.

Pixel C will cost $ 500 for the version with 32 GB, $ 600 for the version with 64 GB, and the keyboard will set you back an additional $ 150.


I like that Google is increasingly adding new functions are not to the operating system and the individual applications, it allows users to have a longer-date functionality. With regard shown gadgets, new Chromecast I was not impressed, you’d better come up with how to give up additional wires micro USB and would add support for 4k-streaming. Pixel C turned expensive, but here it is important to remember that we have greatly increased rate, so now it looks expensive.

And you have anything of the novelties are interested, dear readers?

Google Event: New Chromecast, Pixel C, application updates updated: September 30, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis