Gamescom 2015: MSI motherboards flooding the market for the “Skylake”

Gamescom 2015: MSI motherboards flooding the market for the "Skylake"
Just to realese new processors “Skylake” MSI unveiled at Gamescom 2015 several new motherboards – the focus has started today in Cologne, the exhibition is the gaming sector. If the PC market there is a decrease in sales, the gaming segment and growing segment for enthusiasts. MSI is represented on the market in three segments, and each of them, the company has produced motherboards. They are addressed to those who gather for casual computer games such as “Goat Simulator”, a total value of 400 – 800 dollars, for those who prefer role-playing games, and even so enthusiasts who like to play “GTA 5 “or” Witcher 3 “, and who need a computer for $ 1,600 at least.

First of all, the company is committed to recruiting Series Gaming. On the basis of MSI Z97 Gaming Board established 7 MSI Z170A M7, whose title “M” means “master”. Changed color of MSI Z170 Gaming M3, M5 and M7, at Z170A Gaming M9 ACX has changed is not so much. All motherboards are traditionally painted for MSI – in red and black, they differ in their equipment. Although all the models shown – board ATX, and all of them have four memory slots DDR4, depending on the model, they offer two or three slots PCI Express 3.0 graphics card, up to two SATA Express slots and M.2. Also, depending on the model, features two slots USB 3.1 type A or C, Killer E2400 network chip and high-quality audio chip, which in no way give way to sound cards.

Gamescom 2015: MSI motherboards flooding the market for the "Skylake"

New BIOS, sound quality

Players attract new PS / 2 port for the mouse, through which you can save any macros or supported Auto-AIM. To this new version is well suited for new XSplit Gamecaster boards Z170. Version 2.5 allows to display broadcast video games. Also, using the hot key and the appropriate software, you can create macros for any functions of the motherboard. By pressing the button, for example, can reduce or increase the processor speed, or download the PC directly into the BIOS.

MSI Z170 Gaming M9 ACK, in addition, is equipped with high quality audio, the circuit board is separated from the rest printed circuit board and occupies more space than the standard audio chip. With it you can easily find the enemy in the upcoming first-person shooters. This company has helped a specialist who, among other things, is working with the armed forces of France. In addition, significant changes were made compared to the BIOS generation “Haswell”. Longer press of the power button allows you to boot directly into the BIOS and provides the user with the most important functions. For connoisseurs acceleration offered and access to advanced features and a demonstration. Improved update function, it is now possible directly from the internal hard disk.

Acceleration will be easier

If you do not want to make an effort, it will be able to overclock your CPU “Skylake” using the rotary switch located on the motherboard in 11 steps up to 5.0 GHz. At the presentation of MSI does not promise miracles Acceleration “Skylake”, but said a significant advantage over “Haswell”. Also, MSI has improved its application Gaming.

The new Gaming series motherboard has hit the market, but the price is not yet known.

Gamescom 2015: MSI motherboards flooding the market for the "Skylake"

For modders

For those who prefer black and white card, MSI will address two new series of processors Krait “Skylake”. MSI Z170A Krait Gaming and MSI Z170 Krait Gaming painted black, and their radiators and memory slots – white. Both boards feature four memory slots DDR4, it can be connected to up to three graphics cards and up to six drives SATA III. There’s also a Gigabit LAN, ALC Audio slot M.2. In addition, MSI Z170A Krait Gaming equipped with two slots USB 3.0 Type A.

MSI Z170A Gaming Pro has a bright color. Although its PCB layout is similar to the layout model Krait, it is equipped with LEDs, the color of which can be adjusted using a special tool software. You can choose from more than 16.5 million. Colors and eight effects. It will appreciate the modders. Expected soon other versions of series Gaming and Krait.

These models will be sellers soon. Prices were not announced at the presentation.


Gamescom 2015: MSI motherboards flooding the market for the “Skylake” updated: August 7, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis