Functions for which we should thank Google and its Android

Functions for which we should thank Google and its Android

Despite the fact that Android is not all of us like it, it’s still the most popular operating system. Google been working on the OS, improving it every year, and some useful features to appear in the Android sooner than in iOS. Apple, in turn, slow, or with some innovations, bringing them to mind, or subsequently borrows some ideas from competitors, which in the world of modern technology for a long time does not bother anyone. Colleagues from the Business Insider remember the last function of iOS, Android users who have got used to.

MW in iPad

MW mode for tablets on iOS shown in the last Conference WWDC, and iPad owners will be able to experience a new feature in the autumn, when released iOS 9. This function is not Android, but it is in some devices from LG and Samsung, which are running Android with a shell from the manufacturer.

New features Siri

In iOS Siri 9 will closely monitor your activity and the use of certain applications to the right time and the right place to give you access to relevant and useful information. Google Now assistant to exist, and has existed long before Siri began to teach it.

Apple Maps with routes of public transport

Another improvement in iOS 9 affected cards. Now for the residents of some cities they will have information about the movement of public transport and routes. Google Maps is not news.

View video in the “picture in picture»

If you communicate using Face Time or watching some video, and at this point you need to access any application You can not turn off the video and watch it in a small window in the corner of the screen. This feature appears in iOS 9, and the smartphone LG G2, it appeared in 2013.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – Apple’s first smartphone with support for NFC. This technology allows you to make contactless payments with your smartphone. NFC has appeared in many smartphones running Android back in 2012.

Widgets in iOS 8

iOS 8 was presented at WWDC 2014 , and among the many innovations that have come from Android, it turned out widgets. Widgets were first introduced in Android 2.0, which debuted in 2009.

Activate Siri voice

You can say, “Hello, Siri», when your phone is charging, and voice assistant will be activated. This feature appeared in the autumn of 2014, along with iOS 8. Motorola Moto X, introduced in 2013, is able to respond to remote voice commands.

side of the keyboard

Long and hard I try to find , how useful it is the support of the keyboard in iOS 8. On this point everyone has his opinion, and much more time trying to figure it out, it was the users Android.

Based on materials from Business Insider

Functions for which we should thank Google and its Android updated: July 10, 2015 author: Maria Sheen