Facebook share clear rules for content distribution

Facebook share clear rules for content distribution

Social network Facebook has published a page called «Community standards”, in which she pointed out the exact limits of decency on issues such as intimate images, intimidation, humiliation, and more.

The question of censorship of content in recent years has become very important in the western social services – Twitter and Reddit have also recently adopted new rules governing the messages.

“Today we provide more details and clarifies what can and what can not. For example, that it refers to the intimate images, or what is meant by insulting speeches, “- the company said in an official notice. The leaders of the social network argue that the new rules do not change the standard Facebook, as only better allow to regulate acute and controversial issues.

Social network specifies exactly which materials intimate nature allowed for publication. For example, users can upload photos of women who are breastfeeding; the same applies to photographs of paintings, sculptures and other works of art, which depicts the bare figures.

Facebook share clear rules for content distribution
The company explained that there will always be to remove pornographic material, because they can have a negative impact on some members of its global community. Facebook explained that these participants are minors, as well as representatives of certain crops.

From the social network will remove the content, purpose of which is to “sadistic pleasure or the glorification of violence.” Also blocked messages directed to the oppression of the people who belong to a particular race, ethnicity, religion and so on.

The company expects that the information on the banned publications it will actively provide users themselves through a system of reports.

Source: Facebook

Facebook share clear rules for content distribution updated: March 18, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis