Facebook officially closes the service FriendFeed

Facebook officially closes the service FriendFeed

Facebook announced the closing of the social network FriendFeed, purchased in 2009. “The easiest way to share materials on the Web” – still claim on the main page of the service, which has not been updated for a long time and now seems archaic.

The purpose of FriendFeed, one of the pioneers of social media was useful links, photos and text messages through “custom ribbon.” Now it is officially known, that the service shuts down on April 9.

The reason is simple and obvious: FriendFeed almost nobody uses. In a statement, Facebook said: “We support this service the last five years, but its use has been steadily declining, his audience today is only a fraction of what it was before.”

During the entire month of April in FriendFeed content will be available in read-only mode, but then completely disappear.

FriendFeed entry into the Facebook event was loud in social networks, its co-founder Bret Taylor became technical director of Facebook. Social giant laid out for the purchase of $ 50 million. Then it was a lot of money, but since then the business of social media has gone far ahead. It is worth remembering that in the past year, Facebook has bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion.

Source: re/code

Facebook officially closes the service FriendFeed updated: March 11, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis