Facebook has continued to grow in 2014

Facebook has continued to grow in 2014

The most popular social network in the world continues to grow in number of users. In fact in this 2014 has seen a 13% increase in activity compared to last year it seems that Facebook is in great shape. Despite rumors suggest that the decreased use among youth can lead to Menlo Park to a bleak future, this is still not in sight.

Facebook has shown the results of the last quarter of 2014 and the full year. And the truth, seeing the data does not appear that the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg will be reached by other services in the coming years. His leadership nobody puts it in question, mostly because the other major form of communication that is in the world, WhatsApp, is also owned.

This year Facebook has increased 13% in number of users reaching 1,390 million monthly active users. That is, a lot. In addition, daily break in the social network 890 million people on average.

The mobile is the future

But as has been observed in recent years, is on mobile devices where the growth is. In fact, there are 526 million users who only connect through mobile. If we consider that last year the figure was 296 million we see an increase of 78 percent. Moreover, the daily users connecting from the moving average, but also include those that also use computers, it is 745 million. And of course, with the advent of Facebook Lite, of which I speak this week, the number of ‘mobile’ users will rise.

In terms of revenue, the company has announced an increase of 58 percent over last year, reaching 12,470 million. Of that, 701 million are profit. And of course, this is largely to blame mobile advertising, much more beneficial for Facebook that computer.

Facebook has continued to grow in 2014 updated: January 30, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis