Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

From 4 to 9 September in Berlin will host the third after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC), but no less important for the value of consumer electronics exhibition Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin. IFA, have staged since 1924 in the exhibition complex “Messe Berlin” – one of the world’s oldest trade fairs. This year it will be held in the 55th time.

In the German capital will bring together all the major manufacturers, including Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and LG, to show their probably last in this year’s news from the field of home appliances, cameras, computers, smart phones, televisions and other electronics.


All the major news that the Korean manufacturer had hidden up his sleeve, perhaps, this year has already died down. At MWC Samsung announced in March flagship smartphone Galaxy S6, and a few days ago were presented PHABLET Galaxy Note 5 and curved variant S6 Edge +. So at IFA 2015 from the company, you can expect more interesting experimental devices and prototypes – for example, 4K-TV with a diagonal display a record player or Blu-ray 4K.

This week, at the end of the presentation of Note 5, executives hinted that Berlin will announce the new “smart” watches Gear 2, which will have a round dial and unusual interface. A year ago, the company introduced the 2014 IFA Gear S – large, rectangular watch with a curved 2-inch OLED-display. This gadget stood a built of 3G-modem along with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS-receiver, heartbeat and movement sensors.

Features 2nd generation smart watches are at least as good. It is expected that the device will receive a 2-core Exynos 3472 processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz and graphics Mali-400 MP4, 768 MB of “RAM”, 4 GB of onboard memory and a battery of 250 mAh. They also designate a rotating dial, which will serve as an analog “digital crown” in Apple Watch.

Another announcement Samsung certainly touches a virtual reality glasses Gear VR, which acts as a display PHABLET Note. As recently said the head of the company’s mobile business JK Shin, the new generation of VR-gadget will be released “soon”.


We already know that at the IFA 2015 opening speech on behalf of Microsoft pronounce Nick Parker, corporate vice president of the OEM. This department is in charge of devices on Windows 10-party production – tablets, gadgets “2-in-1”, notebooks, candy bar and so on, which means that in Berlin we will see a lot of new products from partner Microsoft.

But there will debut at the IFA 2015 new “windows phone” – is open to question. Last year, a few days before the show, Microsoft announced several new models Lumia: 730, 735 and 830. In 2015 the company also can take a chance and show the smartphone with the mobile version of Windows 10, for example, 940 or 940 XL. However, recently there was a rumor that the developer has decided to reserve new items on their own event Windows 10 Mobile, which will take place on 24 September.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

The situation is similar to Sony Samsung: recently the Japanese have shown Xperia Z3 + and Xperia Z4 Tablet, so the next flagship smartphone or tablet, maybe it is too early to announce. However, in this, the producer may make an exception. It is said that Sony will time release another new items to be released in rental spy thriller Spectre (“007: SPECTRUM”) about the adventures of James Bond.

The unit will probably be a variation or Z3 + Z4, or following, an independent model – Z5. It will be sold under the advertising slogan “Made for Bond.” However, it can be released and compact “version” – Xperia Z5 Compact. According to rumors, the gadget will get the same resolution as the Z3 + (1080h1920), and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810.

At IFA 2015 Sony brings traditional and “non-mobile” products. Most likely, this year the Japanese will show a new generation of “camera-heads” QX, which is connected to your phone and allows you to change lenses, both professional “SLR”, updated models of TV and perhaps, Blu-ray player 4K.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

A few days ago, Huawei has confirmed that on September 2, under the IFA 2015, it will show the new flagship smartphone Mate 7S. The device saves design predecessor, Mate 7, but will receive an update stuffing, including the latest chip Kirin (8 cores Cortex-A53), graphics Mali-T628 MP4 and 3 gigabytes of RAM. Smartphones promise 5.7-inch Full HD, the main 13-megapixel camera Sony, fingerprint sensor and Android Lollipop interface Emotion UI.

Judging by the teaser, which depicts a bandaged finger, Mate 7S will support analogue technology “reinforced clicking” Force Touch in the MacBook and Apple Watch.

There is also speculation about the fact that Huawei allegedly involved in the production of the following “standard” Nexus-smartphone for Google, but at IFA 2015 we are unlikely to see. Most likely, the novelty will show a little later, at a special event Internet search engine.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions


For LG IFA 2015 exhibition can serve as a platform for the announcement of the next generation PHABLET – G4 Pro. The novelty has already recorded a number of major competitors in the Galaxy Note 5: she tipped “premium” assembly of glass and metal stylus, 5.8-inch display with a resolution of 1440h2560 pixels, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820 and 4 gigabytes of RAM. The device is credited with a fingerprint sensor, and an incredible 27 megapixel camera with a laser autofocus, LED flash and optical image stabilization.

In addition, LG has traditionally used the largest exhibition to showcase the achievements in the field of television. This company – the only one for which the direction of OLED-displays for TV remains a priority, while major competitors LG, Samsung and Sony, have preferred to step back technology of organic light-emitting diodes. This year LG has already started selling OLED-screen measuring 55, 66 and 77 inches, and soon plans to release a 99-inch model. Total 2015 m it hopes to put at least 600 thousand “organic” TVs, and in 2016 – one and a half million.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

Motorola held a large-scale renewal of its line of smartphones in the end of July, showing the flagship PHABLET Moto X Style with a massive 5.7-inch screen, a more modest Moto X Play (5,5 “) and budget-Moto G 2015. So the debut of the new Moto-models on-Lenovo company at the IFA 2015 is not expected.

Update likely to affect worn gadgets hours Motorola, namely “smart” watches Moto 360. This model, which was announced in September last year, it has become the most popular device platform Android Wear (data Canalys). Round the clock, obviously attracted customers to its steel hull and unusual circular screen. Updated Moto 360 2nd generation probably will show at IFA 2015, but information about their performance has not.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

Not long ago, HTC launched a “world tour” with augmented reality glasses Vive, the Taiwanese manufacturer that has developed in conjunction with Valve. The device, which was announced in March, along with the flagship One M9, has high-quality sound, dozens of sensors to monitor head movement and a high refresh rate – 90 Hz. The device will come with two controllers to move and interact with the virtual environment.

HTC has confirmed that visitors get a chance to familiarize themselves with the VR-gadget. Business model is expected to release later this year.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

Panasonic – the second company after LG, which sees the future in OLED-TVs. However, unlike its competitors, until that time, the Japanese showed a prototype “organic” TV. Perhaps, IFA 2015 will host the debut of the first consumer model OLED-TV Panasonic, which tipped the huge curved screen and 4K-resolution.

In addition, from the prototype stage can get 4K-Player Blu-ray, which is also bringing Panasonic at CES in January. Since then, the organization of Blu-ray Disc Association finalized a standard format 4K Blu-ray, which means that at the IFA 2015 4K-players can display and other large companies such as Sony, Samsung and LG.


Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions

If you believe the latest rumors on the Berlin Exhibition Taiwanese company may submit as many as four Windows-smartphone. As mentioned above, the very Microsoft, it is likely to miss the announcement of its own “windows phone” at IFA 2015, giving word of the manufacturer.

Mobile version of the “tens” will be released later – in October and November, so the release of the final models for consumers are expected at this time in any case, the event will get an idea of ​​how will look smart phones running Windows 10.

Exhibition IFA 2015: 9 predictions updated: August 19, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis