Dummy Defense – construct a defense for the dummy

Dummy Defense - construct a defense for the dummy

In my subjective opinion, modern mobile gamers experiencing is not the best of times. In the App Store there are fewer and fewer decent games, and if most of them have high-quality graphic component, the originality of the gameplay leaves much to be desired. That situation forces me to delve into the bearded games, and it’s not bad, because very often I come across really cool products. The last of these was the game «Dummy Defense», developed by the studio Jundroo more than two years ago.

I’m ready I agree that in the apple app store you can find a lot of games for playing of which we will need to wear a gown engineer, pick up line, a screwdriver and start designing. We’ve build castle walls, build bridges and test their strength, collect various mechanical inventions. But I have not yet seen a draft, game mechanics which would be similar to the one proposed in the «Dummy Defense». Although I do not rule out the fact that these games have.

Dummy Defense - construct a defense for the dummy

So, in this game we will take on the duties of an engineer, which is responsible for protecting the mannequin named Melvin from various external influences. This soulless creature with a charming name will be crushed by a huge boulder or mechanical presses, blown up using explosives, chipped in half eaten circular saws – one for the destruction of the dummy is really a lot, and all that will happen to him if you do not attach to his rescue efforts .

Most of all for the salvation of the dummy is used wood. At each level, we will have a source of threat and a small area for the application of engineering. In this same area, we will build a variety of protective barriers to protect the dummy from all sorts of damage. No matter what kind of material will be provided for the construction, as the main resource in this game – it’s your brain. A wise man once said that an engineer – is the one who will need one cent where others need a dollar. This statement in «Dummy Defense» is the absolute truth, as in the construction of protection must always be aware of the financial constraints.

Dummy Defense - construct a defense for the dummy

In addition to the original idea of the gameplay, this product boasts a great realization. The physics in the game at the highest level: for example, after an explosion shatters the strengthening of protection for many small fragments which behave very realistically. The effect is enhanced by the ability to slow down time, in addition to the aesthetic component of this feature is needed in order to evaluate which parts of the dummy were subject to greater external influence. Thus, we will know which part of the protective structure needs to be strengthened, and what part can be ignored. Subsequently, there will be levels with the presence of two dummies, one in need of preservation, and the other – in the destruction. This greatly complicates the task.

«Dummy Defense» – this is one of the few recent games that captivated me completely. I will not remove it from your device as long as I pass entirely. The only downside of the game – it’s not too strong visual component: of course, nothing catastrophic, but I would more gladly surrendered to the gameplay, if the game was drawn a little better. The rest – the price of 119 rubles games.


Dummy Defense – construct a defense for the dummy updated: July 9, 2015 author: Maria Sheen