Why do developers still love Android less

Why do developers still love Android less

Android passes iOS in market share, and more recently, bypasses and the number of applications in the virtual store. However, when it comes to profits and revenues of developers and shops themselves, Apple is far ahead. Data analyst firm App Annie is once again confirmed. According to them, iOS users spend up to 4 times greater than the virtual content than users of Android.

Not so long ago we discussed the company Twitter, which releases their new products for the iOS, but not in a hurry to release them on Android. Also good example can remember game developers Monument Valley , which has not released new levels of the game on Android. It is precisely because that iOS users are more active and are more profitable. Developers notice it and, of course, put more effort into developing for iOS.

However, for some reason, users Android, which more actively install application developers to bring much less profit? According to Benedict Evans, on it there are five reasons:

  1. Android’s share is high in low-income countries.
  2. Many people in these countries do not have credit cards, and Google do not always quickly establishes payment by mobile operators.
  3. The average cost of Android-smartphone is 250-300 dollars, while the average cost of iPhone – $ 600. We do not know how much content owners buy Galaxy S5and other expensive smartphones. It is possible that nothing less than the owners of iPhone.
  4. However, there is still a possibility that iPhone users spend more than the owners of the flagships on Android, and it may be due to the fact that the iPhone is chosen by people more enthusiastic content.
  5. Finally, the fifth reason closes the circle. When the developers see that Android users do not pay, they can either does not produce your application for this platform, or release it for free and with advertising. Some developers just give up, and some may even entice the user to the iPhone, if their application is really necessary for the user.


Why do developers still love Android less updated: April 19, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis