Detailed review OnePlus 2

Detailed review OnePlus 2

Just over a year ago, a young Chinese company has released a smart phone, which made some sensation in the mobile market. It is not difficult to guess, it is a model of OnePlus One.

And in practice, the device proved to be really the same as it was described by offering a true flagship features. This price tag trends remained significantly lower than the leading brands of solutions of the first echelon.

However, technology is not standing still and all, even the most modern gadgets, sooner or later become obsolete and require updating. In place of the year-old OnePlus One came his successor – OnePlus 2, previously known under the name OnePlus Two.

But first, a little history. Brand OnePlus was created by a Chinese company BBK Corporation, also owns the trademarks and Oppo Vivo, for the conquest of world markets. And in general, it is possible – in the early years the manufacturer has reported the sale of a million copies OnePlus One. However, there is not more to put a dedicated brand and unusual distribution model (to buy a smartphone, at least at an attractive recommended price, it was only possible through a system of invitations), and the quality of the product itself. First OnePlus One turned out just great.

Review OnePlus 2 traditionally begin with the technical characteristics of new items.

In fact, the characteristics stated in this flagship. There were no comments on the performance should not be in sight. However, the price at the moment exhibited in Moscow shops, makes you wonder – whether it had been this time the “flagships killer” in front of us or just the flagship OnePlus?

Detailed review OnePlus 2

Compared with the first-born of the changes are not so significant. Yes, we normally praise most narrow smartphones at a given diagonal screen – there was the width of a millimeter smaller. But as much increased and thickness, and this is a minus. Well, a lot of 175 grams today to top-end 5.5-inch smartphone can and does call big.

What definitely happy because it will increase the capacity of the battery (Snapdragon 810 need it!) And a second slot SIM. Also, from a purely Chinese characteristics, which is trying to distance itself from the first model, but who have decided not to hide here, let us simultaneously changing the amount of RAM and ROM in different versions.

Note that by 1 + 1 prices in our retail already approached close to the recommended. Initially, they were 249 and 349 dollars for a 16 and a 64-gigabyte version. Now in Chinese Internet stores last and give all for $ 299 with free shipping. However, we can buy even cheaper (based on the current dollar exchange rate, of course) – all for 18 thousand rubles. Alas, the novelty is unlikely soon will be selected to such levels. At the recommended price 329 and 389 dollars (for the version with 3/16 and 4/64 GB RAM / ROM) to popular Chinese online stores, he is free, not sold in the Russian retail costs between 30 and 35 thousand, respectively.

Did the new model of the expectations of fans of the brand? This will be judged by the results of the review.

Packaging equipment OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 Smartphone comes in a small cardboard box of red color. It is worth noting that cardboard is coated with soft-touch rubberized and feels rather than cardboard.

Structurally, it is all the usual cap that covers the ends, and the main box. Fit details so calibrated that open the box is not so easy – the cover sits in place very tight.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

The main range of selected red color – the whole package red. On the front side there is a relief pattern, as well as the name of the device and the manufacturer’s logo. The ends were completely empty, only the lower right corner of the bears continued relief pattern.

On the reverse side of the label can be detected with a sufficiently large number of Chinese characters. However, even people who are not familiar with the Chinese will be able to find some useful information. In particular, in addition to the serial number and IMEI, you can specify the amount of internal memory, and the release date of a particular instance.

Inside the lid immediately meets us very smart. It is packed with all sides in a tight plastic film with information about the location and meaning of the various elements on the body.

Below is the cover (of course, the red!) With a small amount of documentation.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

And if you look even further, you can find the AC adapter and cable USB. Accessories are available in a special moldings and locked in place tightly enough.

Under consideration is supplied in more detail. The fact that the smartphone is equipped with an unusual cable for charging and syncing.

On the one hand we see the plug USB, which feature is the ability to connect any party. But instead of the usual microUSB connector can be seen, similar to that used in the new Apple MacBook. This plug standard USB Type C. This connector is symmetrical and can be connected to any party.

We should also mention the quality of the included cable and the power adapter. Even such trifles broadcast a very responsible approach to the product manufacturer.

The package includes OnePlus 2:

  • Power adapter;
  • Cable USB – USB Type C;
  • Documentation.

Claims to the quality of the packaging is not and can not be. High-quality material, very accurate fitting lid and well-organized space inside – all this inspires respect and recognize the forces that are not in the hands of the usual average smartphone.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

Appearance and design OnePlus 2

The hero of the review is designed as a classic candy bar with a touchscreen. As befits a real flagship, premium materials are used here. The entire front panel is covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass, and the frame on the side of the device is made of a special aluminum alloy.

Special attention is given back cover. It is removable, and optionally may be made of different materials. In addition to the plastic cover more choice available overlays from different types of wood, and even carbon fiber.

In our case, this is an option with a plastic lid with a rough surface, resembling a very smooth asphalt or coarse sandpaper. The device in this performance feels very nice in hand and not even trying to slip out. Equally pleasing is the fact that this surface is simply unable to collect fingerprints.

Almost the entire area of ​​the front panel is occupied by a display diagonal of 5.5 “. Frames left and right turned out not too wide, but narrow them too will not name.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

Above the screen is located a standard set of elements: earpiece, front camera, light sensor and proximity.

Below are three touch control buttons Android. The center button is integrated with the fingerprint sensor and, although it is strongly reminiscent of the mechanical keys on the machine Samsung, push it all the same will not work – the key touch.

The top of the AUX connector can be found, and two plastic jumpers under the antenna.

The lower bound is occupied by two speaker grilles and connector USB 3.1 Type C for charging and syncing with your computer. No plastic jumper has not been here.

On the right side we find the usual mechanical power button / lock and “rocker” volume.

But on the left side of the three-position switch is located. Something like that has long been present in the offices of Apple iPhone. Here, however, it slightly rethought, adding a third position. Now, with the switch, you can not just turn on and turn off the sound notifications and activate the “Do Not Disturb”.

As already mentioned, in this modification the rear cover is black with a rough surface. There are no pictures or inscriptions, except for a logo, there is not found.

On the top half of the cover in a metal frame are dual LED flash, main camera lens and eye laser autofocus.

To remove the cover you need to pick up her special slot near the bottom right corner. The rear panel is fixed a large number of latches and held in place very fast. Any scratches or no backlash as a class.

Under the hood we find a couple of copies of labels with information and a slot for two nano-SIM.

To install a special tray that retracts into the unit just to the left of the camera.

In the end, we have a smartphone with a truly premium materials. And it is available in several versions, so that each customer can choose what he likes.

No claims do not arise, and to build quality housing, the unit has good rigidity, withstands twisting, and nearly two dozen latches back cover provides complete absence of any backlash and squeaks.

Display OnePlus 2

The smartphone has a screen with a diagonal of 5.5″ and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It IPS panels made by new technology IPS-NEO. It is expected to provide very high levels of brightness and contrast. Well, later on we will check this point with a colorimeter .

Detailed review OnePlus 2

At first glance, Full HD resolution may seem too low for a flagship device. However, the pixel density of 400 ppi more still much higher than the rate at which individual pixels can still be seen. In my opinion, for a smartphone more than 1080p resolution it is already overkill, just spending the resources of the battery and the processor is heavily loaded without bringing significant effect.

The sensor supports up to ten simultaneous keystrokes.

Hardware platform and performance OnePlus 2

The smartphone is based on an eight flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Each core of the SoC is able to operate with a maximum clock frequency of 1.8 GHz.

Adreno 430 graphics controller provides a very impressive stock performance in the most modern three-dimensional games.

And even among the flagship features is allocated RAM to 4 GB.

Now just can not worry about the number of applications running in the background, and switch between them is going to be instant. In Stock stably maintained more than 2 GB of free space.

To evaluate the performance of the practical stuffing OnePlus 2 used different benchmarks. The results are shown in the screenshots below.

As can be seen from the performance reserve will be enough for any modern problem. And although not all tests, our hero took the first position behind the leaders, he is not strong. Naturally, even the most advanced games run without any problems.

In addition to high performance, OnePlus 2 also showed good performance stability and heating. Even under load temperature did not exceed comfortable values.

When the machine is warming up more than 45 degrees reduced the processor frequency to 864 MHz, which could not affect the performance of the gadget. It should be noted that the heating is almost entirely concentrated in the upper body and felt good fingers.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

So, we really smartphone with flagship features. His performance with a margin enough for any problems in the next couple of years. Noteworthy and the amount of memory, because at the moment the market has to offer are just a few devices with the index.

Software and firmware OnePlus 2

As befits a flagship, our hero is running the latest operating system Android 5.1. Initially, the shell is installed H2 OS. It no Google services, and in addition to the Chinese language there are only English, and he is a part.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

If you are not an expert on China, is to install firmware Oxygen OS. Here, all Google services are available, and the list of languages ​​much richer interface. But the Russian language could not be found. Even the Ukrainian is, and the “great and mighty” is missing. Will he added with updates – is not clear.

As a consequence, we will test the device with the English language. By the way, the store kindly provided us with this smartphone for review, it offers in its range OnePlus 2 is firmware OxygenOS.

So the first thing we see are painfully reminiscent of a standard launcher Google Start. There is no news, it is familiar to anyone who has ever had in the hands of the unit on the basis of Android Lollipop.

The application menu can be seen only pre-standard applications such as Google Chrome or Play Market. No third-party software, or anything that would occupy too much space in the memory or menu.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

Interesting points can be found on the menu. So, there were various additional items of settings, such as switching between the buttons on the touch screen or on the body.

There is also a control fingerprint scanner. Management and configuration of this paragraph are standard and will not require any special skills.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

And in “Customization”, you can even choose the light or dark interface mode. By the way, black background looks very, very nice.

There is also an item on the gestures when the display is off. In addition to the dual awakening tapom, supports several gestures to launch a flashlight, a camera or control music playback.

Naturally, there is provided a software update “over the air”. Although during the test updates have been received, chances are they will.

It is worth noting that the producer acted very wisely, without adding any additional firmware applications and bringing minor changes to the interface. The result was a very stable and nimble hull. During the tests, did not arise any freezes, glitches or delays. Everything works smoothly as possible.

Filesystem OnePlus 2

The model OnePlus 2 is equipped with main memory of 64 GB. Although there is no memory card slot, built-in volume enough for the most demanding users. In any case, few competitive solutions able to offer more memory for the moment.

About the speed of the file system can be judged by the results of the test, which was conducted with the help of the application AndroBench.

Initially, the interface does not contain preset file manager. However, install from the App Store, for example, ES Explorer to obtain without any difficulty.

During the test to work the file system did not have any complaints. However, this situation is quite expected. Much more would surprise presence though any problems.

Multimedia OnePlus 2

From the flagship expected good multimedia features, high quality sound and a large list of supported formats. Did the expectations OnePlus 2?

It should immediately be said that among the pre-installed applications are no standard media players. These functions are performed by Play Music and Play Video.

Appendix AnTuTu Video Tester helped check the “omnivorous” gadget with respect to various video formats.

Admittedly, although not able to play all formats, the list of positive results is significantly higher than that of most opponents. But to cope with other formats to help third-party application like MX Player.

If you like to brighten up the waiting time watching the next series favorite series, our hero is quite able to handle it.

In developing the flagship quality sound reproduction is usually paid enough attention to, and not in vain. From OnePlus 2 is logical to expect a similar situation. A lack of a standard audio player is easily compensated by the presence of the app store with a lot of different players, both free and paid. For example, an audio player PowerAMP, likely to be able to meet the demands of almost any user.

At the time of playback sound in line volume control, you can also select the playback mode or customize a built-in equalizer. Furthermore, any software can improve and off.

With sound card ASUS Xonar U7 to the signal / noise ratio at a record 113 dB tested the sound quality of the headphones in two modes – «Music» and disabled improvement. The results were interesting. The signal level in the calibration mode «Music» was almost ideal -1.1 dB. And the results were just amazing.

Battery life OnePlus 2

Our hero is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity mAh 3300. This is a fairly average, it does not tend to record, but also does not lag behind competitors. Given the quite reasonable in terms of energy consumption of the processor and display with Full HD resolution managed to get good results autonomy.

Features battery tested in applications AnTuTu Tester and Geekbench 3.

Final results are above average, but not leadership.

To say that the machine is able to provide the user with a few days of battery life in the most difficult circumstances, is not necessary. However, its stored energy would be enough to easily work from morning till evening.

The power adapter charges the Smartphone current 2 A – standard situation in the segment. For full charge takes a few hours.

Gadget makes traditional indicators among the flagships. At the same time a sufficiently large amount of battery power consumption is higher than in budget devices. This balance between power consumption and capacity of the battery leads to the standard indicators of autonomy.

In modern life, particular problems should not be. However, if you are very active user and love to play in the modern game – is to keep carrying the charger.

Detailed review OnePlus 2

Camera OnePlus 2

As befits a flagship, the novelty is equipped with high-end cameras. Front-end module has received quite a standard resolution of 5.0 megapixels. A main camera shoots at a maximum resolution of 13.0 megapixels.

The manufacturer claims a lens aperture f / 2.0 and the presence of an optical stabilizer. And to speed autofocus employs a laser focus.

Appendix camera is bright enough to operate and convenient to use. Placing elements interface is intuitive and requires little or no addiction.

Smartphone allows you to receive high-quality photos, in a sunny day and a night in a shooting. Although the quality of night shots is still significantly reduced.

The best way to evaluate the quality of the recording is possible by examples of images that are shown below.


A cursory acquaintance with the novelty can be solved, it differs little from the first model in the line. But this impression is deceptive. Based on our detailed testing we can talk about qualitative differences. Simply put, the better. OnePlus 2 offers a very high quality housing is almost a reference display and exemplary performance.

Enjoy the chip acts as an innovation in the classroom android-smartphones in the form of a mechanical switch modes of sound – a trifle that can help the user lives. It is impossible not to note the quality of the camera. Of course, there are also more advanced modules, but less pleasant to work with this unit this does not become.

Of course, not without its ambiguities. Moreover, connector USB Type C, though easy to use, yet is far from being the most popular and charging cable is to keep to yourself. And someone might confuse and worse than its predecessor, the possibility of battery life. Let very decent.

So whether OnePlus 2 became the next “killer champions”? More likely no than yes. At this smartphone has all the qualities of leaders, including the decisive – price. But for the same money, you can choose almost any top model first-tier brands. So in front of us – and there is no doubt about it – the flagship, but not the “killer.”

Pros OnePlus 2:

  • High quality materials and workmanship of the housing;
  • Excellent display;
  • Good performance and stability of the interface;
  • High quality camera;
  • Support for two SIM-cards;
  • Good sound quality headphones.

Cons smartphone:

  • Difficulties with the purchase and the high price of a non-standard method of acquisition.
Detailed review OnePlus 2 updated: August 19, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis