Demon haunting cruise liner in the trailer horror Night Cry

Demon haunting cruise liner in the trailer horror Night Cry

Independent studio Nude Maker continues to raise funds for his horror Night Cry, stood in the tradition of the cult series Clock Tower. Recently, developers have released the first gameplay trailer for the game, as well as specified details of computer release.

In the video, the heroine Night Cry, 21-year-old Monica Flores, engaged in private homicide on a cruise ship The Oceanus, which floats from Venice to the Caribbean. When the ship is in the open ocean, aboard mysteriously begin to die people. To understand what is happening, Monica will poll the passengers look for clues and explore the ship. Soon it became clear that the liner is a maniac, and she will have no other choice but to join him in a confrontation.

The image of the main villain, developers tried to hide from the players, but for the code name of the project – Project Scissors – you can guess that it will be a maniac with scissors. This assumption is confirmed by the authors in the trailer. However, this is not a person but an immortal evil spirit The Scissorwalker, from which you can only hide or escape.

On the rough animation models the authors advised not to pay attention – in the future they promise to improve it. Previously, developers have reported that specifically for the PC-version are going to modify the lighting system, shaders, as well as to increase the granularity of persons and hair. How it will differ from the portable, can be found in a special video.

Night Cry created by the author Clock Tower Hifumi Kono (Hifumi Kouno) and Takashi Shimizu (Takashi Shimizu), directed cycle of horror films “Ju-on» (Ju-On) and their American remakes of “The Curse» (The Grudge). In making this point-and-click adventures are also involved Masahiro Ito (Masahiro ito), art director and designer of monsters oldest parts of Silent Hill, composer Michiru Yamane Castlevania (Michiru Yamane) and Nobuko Toda (Nobuko Toda), composed music for the Metal Gear Solid and Halo.

February 23 on account of the project should be $ 300 thousand. – Otherwise, the PC version will be given up. If developers gather enough funds horror appears in the digital service Steam, and possibly also in GOG and Humble Store DRM-free. At the moment, a little more than 1 thousand. Donators listed in favor of games about $ 52 thousand.
Whatever it was, Night Cry will be born even if the necessary amount creators will not be able to get. The game will be released on PlayStation Vita and mobile devices running iOS and Android in December 2015.

Demon haunting cruise liner in the trailer horror Night Cry updated: February 5, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis