Competitors are not afraid of Apple Music

Competitors are not afraid of Apple Music

Since started working service Apple Music, users sometimes complain about it does not always work correctly and overloaded interface. Despite this, analysts predict that Apple’s music product seriously spoil the lives of others strimingovym services. Meanwhile, representatives of the services themselves are in no hurry to become despondent and remain optimistic.

For example, Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews during the announcement of quarterly results The company said that until there is a serious threat from the Apple Music and expects the emergence of such a threat in the foreseeable future:

«As for the Apple Music, in the second quarter, we certainly did not feel any impact because Apple Music was launched in late June. Looking ahead, we are confident in the correctness of his path and the stability of its competitive position. Perhaps some students are experimenting with a new service, so in the short term some influence possible. Nevertheless, we do not expect from him any impact on our audience any time soon, either in the long term »

Indeed, today the main question is how many listeners after the end of the free period will want to stay with the Apple Music and begin to pay for a subscription. Have you already decided how will to listen to music in the near future?


Competitors are not afraid of Apple Music updated: July 28, 2015 author: Maria Sheen