China has blocked the official website of Reuters

China has blocked the official website of Reuters

One of the major international news agencies reported that the official portal when trying to login from China does not open.

Lock fixed service Great Fire, which allows you to sites who are in the “black list” of the Chinese government, local bypass authoritarian regime. According to the Great Fire, access to the site by the Reuters China was closed on March 19. The agency itself admits that some of the problems with the site due to local censorship observed before, but this time were blocked both Chinese and English version of the portal.

Thus joined Reuters respectable company, consisting of Bloomberg, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

These sources have received a lock earlier. “Reuters has always striving for objective and detailed coverage of events around the world. – Said in a statement. – We understand how important news about China for all of our users, and we hope that our services in the country will soon start working again. “

What is interesting, is still not established the reason for blocking Reuters. Typically, a national committee on censorship blocks access to foreign Web sites that the other day there were political materials related to China. So it was with editions of The Guardian, New York Times and Bloomberg. However, Reuters has not recently been seen in the publication of content that could trigger lock portal.

Source: TechCrunch

China has blocked the official website of Reuters updated: March 23, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis