Apple’s iOS 9 bets on optimizing speed and stability

Apple's iOS 9 bets on optimizing speed and stability

In 2009, Apple released a successful operating system OS X Snow Leopard computers for Mac, has a focus on improving the usability and performance of the platform. As the resource 9to5Mac, the company is going to do something similar in iOS 9 – focus developers give greater stability and optimization of the mobile platform.

Although reliability is usually quite expected software component Apple, optimized for specific equipment, it is now, alas, is not quite true. Frequent updates and release all the integration of new features lately turn decrease the overall performance of iOS (especially on older devices), errors and, as a consequence, dissatisfaction of users.

Since 2007, Apple releases an annual key version of the operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, usually making in advertising rate on new features and changes that pushed for the purchase of new devices. In 2013, Apple completely revamped user interface iOS, while adding features such as a fingerprint scanner Touch ID and Control Center. Released in 2014, iOS 8 suggested an improved interface, Health and medical application system support online payment Apple Pay, and paved the way for the launch of a wristwatch Apple Watch.

In 2015, 9 iOS seems to bring a lot of internal improvements, do not throw directly in the eye. 9To5Mac sources report that the result would be an increase in productivity, fixing many bugs and improved stability, and not only the emergence of new opportunities. Apple also try to reduce (or at least not increase) the size of the operating system and updates, which is especially important for a large number of owners of 16 GB devices.

It is not clear which devices will be updated iOS 9. You can cautiously assume that the company will cease support for such devices as iPhone 5c, iPad mini and iPod touch 5 to the end of 2015. As a result, iOS 9 is designed exclusively for devices equipped with 64-bit processors (A7, A8 and A9). Such an approach could simplify the task of developing and optimizing the operating system.

As in the case of OS X Snow Leopard, iOS platform 9 not only bring improvements in performance and stability. In the past few years, Apple is working on new features like mapping modes Transit and Indoor, so that at WWDC 2015 might well expect the announcement of new useful features.

Apple’s iOS 9 bets on optimizing speed and stability updated: February 10, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis