Apple Watch – watches, without which you can do

Apple Watch - watches, without which you can do

Remember how you first tried to work for Mac. Surely then you do not want to approach the other computers and laptops. Work for them already seems unacceptable, uncomfortable and inefficient. And when we became the owners of iPhone, unless we had the feeling that we can do without this device? On the other hand, iPhone means a lot to us, and without him it will be difficult. I would say the same thing about Apple Watch, but I can not.

Watch Apple’s are of interest. People are interested to see whether they are necessary. Russia has sold Apple Watch is not everywhere and are expensive, so many have to rely on the opinions of people who have watches. Recently, the popular view that Apple Watch can throw in a drawer and forget about them, and nothing in life will not change, nor changed their appearance.

Today, talking about it many, including Dave Smith of Business Insider. He sees several problems that seriously interfere hours from Apple to make a positive impression. For example, the need to charge them every day using a 2-meter long cable. Wires never added convenience. He also believes Apple Watch heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Finally, Dave says that clocks are good to work with, they always keep you up to date with the help of the notification. However, as soon as you want to finish the work, hours of work not only help to let you continue to fill up notifications. And how is this useful? Imagine you are traveling and at your disposal there is one socket to charge all the gadgets. Dave was loading a smartphone and a laptop, rather than hours, which is quite significant.

Not all gadgets really substantially improve our lives. Take the iPad, which somehow not sold in the same record numbers , as the iPhone. iPad – a great device and I was delighted with the first few days after the purchase. Now, however, my iPad is for rare and repetitive tasks that I could carry on a different device. Will Apple Watch fading same product – time will tell. Many analysts predict the extinction of the entire market of smart hours. In this case, it will be unpleasant to realize that even Apple could not do anything easy.

Apple Watch – watches, without which you can do updated: July 14, 2015 author: Maria Sheen