Apple Watch: the failure of a century – canceled

Apple Watch: the failure of a century - canceled

Many thematic resources are not tired to write off Apple Watch off. Greedy for sensation, journalists hurry hurry “bury” a novelty from Apple, forgetting, as the company cuts the ground from under their feet the other products like the iPod or iPhone. But if the smoke without fire does not happen, then what is the real situation? It turns out – not mourning.

Apple Inc. does not provide any precise data regarding the sales Watch. Even last year, the manufacturer refused to include this information in its quarterly financial statements, but the marketing company Slice Intelligence, of which we have already briefly wrote earlier , sheds light on the actual numbers, though very roughly.

Most of the data available to the Slice, its experts are going through a special application for iOS, where users from the United States to voluntarily share information about their purchases. The program allows owners to track their orders gadget online store, keep track of its own costs, as well as to be notified of price changes. The most popular feature of the application is to facilitate the return of goods purchased at lower their value soon after the order. Of course, it was not here, and without the support of Watch. As the company was able to learn about the past?

Apple Watch: the failure of a century - canceled

Looking at the chart below, which depicts the volume of sales, the popularity of “apple” smart watches consistently dropped since their release in the spring of this year. By and large, this trend is not surprising to the first generation of the new device : such gadgets are usually bought by enthusiasts technologies, avid fans of the brand, or simply lovers of trendy things, and this segment of the audience probably already saturated. More details are uncertain, because to accurately estimate the sale of a product often is not possible. For example, a week before Apple’s report reaching the mark of 61 million iPhone sold by well-known analyst Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest company increased its forecast from 56.8 to 58.1 million units. As you can see, the error still amounted to more than three million copies, or nearly five percent of the final amount – a full week of sales. Now imagine that it is not about quarter, and the daily orders, as is the case with the Slice. Neither of which high accuracy is not necessary to speak. However, if we abstract from some questionable calculations and simply take into account the figures supplied to the surface emerges something really interesting.

Apple technology is constantly in the spotlight and trying to find Watch launch at least some element of the failure of the skeptics overlooked a very important detail. The fact is that if we take the data for something Slice averaged, then obviously not cheap smart watches significantly “moved the” position of producers far more democratic wearable gadgets like fitness bracelets FitBit. For example, employees of a famous firm as IDC said that sales FitBit no way affected by the release of Watch. Yes, that’s when they forget to add that the products are completely different pricing and marketing categories. As a result of the comparison, analysts concluded that sold 850,000 bracelets had “only” 777,000 smart hours. How big is the difference? According to IDC – enough to talk about the failure of Watch. And in terms of the logic of the banal new Apple literally gave a kick up the backside to most hit by FitBit, because it was originally aimed at a completely different audience. With a minimum difference in the cost of about $ 200 a comparison fitness bracelet with Watch resembles that for iPod, the most expensive of which is sold for 250 conventional units, and the top models of smart phones. However, children from IDC is no stranger to compare apples with pears: the last time they managed to oppose iPad countless inexpensive tablets, including that absolutely comical, were even toy models. Not surprisingly, based on these data, it was ridiculous and more than a ludicrous statement “plummeting” sales iPad. The aforementioned Andy Hargreaves also believes that the Watch losing pace, and results in a decrease in the number of proof of searches at Google, as well as “visits to the store.” In this behind again it remains an important fact: Apple Watch all not available in retail three months since its launch.

But back to the statistics. The given earlier data do not reflect the sales Slise Watch the first few days after the launch, when the hype around new products is traditionally high, but something that the company still publishes. We are talking about the comparison with competitors, and here the case in Apple (red line) are expected in the best way. That, unfortunately, is not true of FitBit, whose popularity has fallen at times (blue line). This time – really.

Furthermore, according Slice FitBit sales exceeded the mark of 200 thousand units per week, a total of five times during all time of its existence, and in 2014 the company and at all difficult to overcome the one hundred thousandth abroad during the festive Christmas season. And what Apple Watch? In the first week after the launch in the US the number of orders (by the same calculations Slice) reached trёhsta thousand million, which is approximately equal to an entire year’s work FitBit. And this despite the fact that the price of the most expensive model of the latter is much less than the basic version Watch. But let quite good bracelets alone and move on to the main competitor to Apple over the market of mobile equipment – South Korean giant Samsung . This company is a major supplier of smart watches, some of which are sold at more attractive than those of Cupertino, price. In practice, it turns out that even the proverbial “drop in” sales Apple Watch the product remains more popular than the entire series Gear for the festive period. By and large, the majority of manufacturers of smart hours actually observed decline in sales, which are also at the start and did not beat the record.
Apple Watch: the failure of a century - canceled


It is, of course, mention that Slice does not account for the purchase outside the United States, but the position of Apple, for example, the world’s largest market – China – only intensified in recent years, as evidenced by financial results . In addition, in May this year Slice reported that the decline in sales reflects exclusively Watch placed orders, rather than specific cases where buyers got the device in his hands. In confirmation of this the company has built a chart that reflects the relationship between sold and delivered smart watches.

Even a “pessimistic” Hargreaves It suggests that in the next quarter, Apple sells five and a half million smart-hours, allowing the company to take the mark of ten million units by the end of the fiscal year. This number, by the way, the graph Slice just do not fit. Of course, the reality may not be as rosy as his draw the most optimistic market analysts, however, by the fall of the sale of Watch, perhaps as far as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Apple Watch: the failure of a century – canceled updated: July 10, 2015 author: Maria Sheen