Apple Watch: sold less than 4 million. copies

Today, Apple should present the financial results of the second quarter. It is not known whether the information is provided separately by Apple Watch – on this occasion there were very few comments, perhaps because of low sales.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that since the beginning of sales in April up to the end June has sold only 3.9 million. copies, and it was discussed in several reports in the past week. Some versions of “smart” watches are not yet available and do not get customers, as problems with the components are still being felt.

Apple itself did not build any predictions, experts predicted the sales of tens of millions of copies per year. But these forecasts are likely to be incorrect, and this goal will not be achieved. First, the demand was high for hours – about 200,000 a day, and now bought less than 10,000 copies. Improvement can occur only with the expansion of the regions where the clock will be sold.

However, Apple still debut was a success. Even 3.9 million. Copies immediately suggests the company’s leadership in the market of “smart” watches. For comparison – in the second half of 2014 it has sold only about 720,000 models based on Android Wear.

However, the California-based company can boast good performance, and regardless of sales Apple Watch. Kuo says about 54.2 million. IPhone, 8,8 млн. IPad and 5.4 million. Mac. Smartphones are very popular in China, and Mac division increased due to the new MacBook.

As for the tablet, analysts say about the development of the emerging trends in what at first glance looks like a success is, in fact, decline. Compared with last year, demand for plates decreased by 33 percent. There are rumors that Apple is planning major changes in the family iPad . It is expected the emergence of iPad Pro, iPad mini and the thing of the past because of low demand.


Apple Watch: sold less than 4 million. copies updated: July 21, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis