Do I need an antivirus for Android?

Do I need an antivirus for Android?

Android operating system is appreciated for openness, placing it in the example of the beautiful, but closed iOS. There is another side of the coin, for which Android mercilessly criticized. For this “OSes” written many virus programs. They are distributed in different ways: questionable sites, free applications, spam. Some users, in an attempt to protect your gadget mounted on a mobile version of antivirus software. But whether it is justified?

Opinion of the representative Android

Head of Security Android Adrian Ludwig sure that antivirus software is useless, and some, in addition, the power consumption devices as working time.

What you need to do ordinary users to protect your smartphone? Adrian Ludwig says that it is enough to be wary of free content and do not download everything. Doubtful applications from unofficial sources – the main danger for Android-powered devices. Need to be aware of this and do not make mistakes, by clicking on the links that come with obscure addresses.

He also assured that all applications submitted in Google Play, before publishing tested for viruses. And because, they say, the probability of catching a worm is minimal.

Allow me to disagree with this statement. Firstly, now on Google Play has many applications that do not notice “fake” virus is extremely difficult. Already there have been instances when people shake their programs from the official store, and eventually they were infected with their smartphones. Secondly, why not play it safe and do not download popular antivirus? The more so that today it is possible to name offhand at least five different versions.

Do not neglect the antivirus because as malware or as a file can simply reduce the efficiency of the gadget and damage it permanently.

 Tips when using antivirus software on Android device:

  1. Use one device only one Antivirus. Incompatibility of programs can block the work of the gadget.
  2. Do not forget to allow the work you need to serve in the settings of anti-virus software.
  3.  Always start scanning device manually. This is important in the prevention and detection of danger.
Do I need an antivirus for Android? updated: April 20, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis