Android Wear updated with support WiFi

Android Wear updated with support WiFi

The operating system Android smart watches will go one step further to deal with the arrival of Apple Watch. Thanks to a new update, Android Wear implement support for WiFi so that in this way the smartwatch can connect when no Bluetooth connection.

Google is to keep up in the world of smartwatch. Right now, thanks to Android Wear, its operating system for smart watches has no competition and therefore can go at the pace you want in their development. But this calm will not be stable over time. Shortly be launched watches Apple, with a wide range of applications under the arm and many features that compete directly with Android watches.

So Google will release an update to Android Wear to support access to smartwatch, since the vast majority have integrated WiFi. So with a simple software upgrade, these watches could connect via internet if the Bluetooth connection fails.

But not only supports WiFi with the new update will be implemented. In addition they will be added gestures when interacting with the interface. For example, you can move the wrist to scroll through notifications and Google Now cards. This way you will not need to use the other hand to watch. Also, the user interface will be changed to the device settings more accessible. Until now, or voice commands were used or had to spend several menus to reach them.

All this, as we said before, is a logic to the arrival of the Apple Watch answer. Although keep in mind that both systems are not compatible, and therefore anyone with an iPhone can not keep Android and vice versa clock, which complicates the transfer of users from one operating system to another, yes it is true that if the development of these devices continues to rise in the future maybe when choosing between Android or iOS and bear in mind not only the phone, but everything around him, such as smart watches.

Source:  The Verge

Android Wear updated with support WiFi updated: March 11, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis