Android Wear an interactive Watch Faces and feature Apple

Android Wear an interactive Watch Faces and feature Apple
Android Wear 5.1.1 – the biggest system update for the portable devices, which Google extends from mid-May. Next month will be the next update, which will be updated with new features. What will be the number of updates, Phandroid does not report. It should appear as early as the end of July, but due to some problems, its output has been delayed.

Changes to the update address two points. The first is the management of “smart” watches. In addition to Swipe gesture and a long tap, navigation will be possible with a short tap. At first glance, it is not so important, however, that this feature can have a decisive influence on the Android Wear. For access to any function in the menu will be available after one tapping. Google announces four areas of application: change the dial, status, connection and commissioning of additional information.

A single tap is enough to change the dial

However, Google is dependent on third-party developers. All applications must support the new feature, and initial discussions have already been held. Suitable dials are presented separately in Google Play.

To what extent it will be possible communication between the two clocks, which is being developed under the name “Together”, is not yet known. It is expected that some messages can be exchanged directly from one clock to the other – there are similar from Apple, when, for example, the owner of the watch can send another owner hours of their heart rate frequency in graphical form. We are talking about the exchange of emoticons, stickers and text messaging. An open question remains about the only Watchface, from which it will be possible to use the “Together”.

Masters G Watch R touches the next change. The update, they will receive support WiFi. “Smart” Watch LG were ready for it from the outset, however, lacked the appropriate software and a certificate. Other models, such as the Moto 360 and Watch Urbane, can connect to Wi-Fi after the upgrade to Android Wear 5.1.1.

Android Wear an interactive Watch Faces and feature Apple updated: July 15, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis