Android One: Google chooses a new strategy after a false start

Android One: Google chooses a new strategy after a false start
How important platform available devices, and Microsoft shows Windows Phone . In the past, widespread entry-level models 400 and 500 series. Not surprisingly, Google presented last summer the strategy called Android One is directed on creation of such smart phones. The three main points in the strategy: the strict specifications defining features of the equipment partners, unmodified operating systems and equipment, and the union rate.

But the plan did not go as it should, and the company recognizes this. According to Financial Times , manager of Southeast Asia Google Rajan Anandan explains this by saying that, for example, work in India was not organized properly. Thus, problems with suppliers led to what has been released is very small devices, and other obstacles were exactly what, Anandan does not specify.

But reading between the lines, one can understand the essence of the matter. The devices were too expensive – about $ 100, to be successful, the price should not exceed 30 – 50 dollars. Regional conditions were also considered insufficient. Absence of relevant frequencies led to what services Google underutilized, that ultimately led to insufficient high sales. But the lack of content has become a problem. Since the majority of Indians do not speak English, it was necessary to start a special program for the creation of relevant content. Anandan openly acknowledged the fact that competitors from the local producers were underestimated.

The new strategy is designed to bring success to ongoing projects. The Company enters into partnerships to produce more profitable smartphones project Android One, as it is expected that services will become more popular. These include the YouTube and Google Maps in offline mode.

Thus, despite a false start, the company has no plans to leave India. According Anandan, ten years later billion Indians have access to the Internet. Draft Android One would cooperate with the project Google Project Loon , under which it is planned to provide Internet remote areas.

Android One: Google chooses a new strategy after a false start updated: August 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis