Ampere shows how fast charged Android-smartphone

Ampere shows how fast charged Android-smartphone

Estimate the rate of charge and the device can always be in the eye, about knowing full charge time smartphone. However, the application Ampere provides a more accurate figures.

After a short measurement (10 seconds according to instructions), the program displays the current charge of the device. The higher it is, the faster the device is charging.

Ampere per page indicated that the figures displayed by the program are only approximate and depend on the load on the battery (brightness, intensity of use of Wi-Fi, the availability of running “heavy” applications).

In other words, the current is apparently measured by the number of charges caught in the battery for a certain period of time. The word “probably” I used no accident because such a method would work on all devices, and on some phones, including on my plate, it did not work. And the developer writes that not all devices are necessary for correct operation of the chip program.

Ampere shows how fast charged Android-smartphone

Leaving the working principle of Ampere out of the equation, it is important to remember that the results of the program is only approximate, but it does not diminish its usefulness. The utility can check multiple chargers and even USB cables and ports on the efficiency of charge transfer, and thus find the better combination for your device.


Ampere shows how fast charged Android-smartphone updated: March 12, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis