5 reasons why you do NOT NEED to buy Galaxy S7

5 reasons why you do NOT NEED to buy Galaxy S7

Samsung is the market leader, and not only among Android smartphones. However, whether to buy a new flagship from a company that is advertised on each website? You will likely agree that the market leader is not necessarily produces the best smartphone on the market.

Today we will tell 5 reasons why you do not need to buy Galaxy S7.

1. USB Type-C

The first thing you need to know – Galaxy S7 has no port USB Type-C. Instead smartphone is equipped with microUSB 2.0. It means that all of your images, videos, music will be transferred to a PC for very long time.

2. Non-removable battery

You should also note that Galaxy S7 is equipped with non-removable battery. Yes, high-capacity 3000 mAh battery will make you happy, but many people are used to carry spare batteries and replace as needs.

3. Quick charge

The third disadvantage, which we would like to point out, is the lack of support for Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Samsung Galaxy S7 supports Quick Charge 2.0 only. By the way, Quick Charge 3.0 more efficient to 38 percent, and 2 times faster than the previous version.

5 reasons why you do NOT NEED to buy Galaxy S7

4. Fingerprint reader

We have not forgotten about the fingerprint reader. According to Softpedia, Galaxy S7 using last year’s fingerprint reader, thus unlocking will take place at the same speed and with the same degree of failure.

In addition, according to a variety of videos on the web, smartphone really takes a lot of processing time by pressing the fingerprint reader.

5. MicroSD memory card

Do not worry, Galaxy S7 supports microSD memory card, however it has one disadvantage. As you probably know, the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow allows you to use a memory card as an internal memory of smartphone. However, Samsung has decided to disable this feature. In addition, the cheapest model has 32 GB of internal memory, of which the user is available only 24 GB.

And what disadvantages have you found in Samsung Galaxy S7?

5 reasons why you do NOT NEED to buy Galaxy S7 updated: March 5, 2016 author: John Cross