10 functions in iOS 9 that we expect

10 functions in iOS 9 that we expect

We have little doubt that the June’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple will present iOS 9. It is unlikely that we should expect major changes, rather, polishing and refinement of what is already there. For example, the resource 9to5mac believes that Apple will focus on fixing bugs and improving performance. We like the current iOS almost everything, but hopefully some updates and changes.

  1. Simple menu settings with search

Settings app in iOS extensive, is not always easy to find what you need. In some cases, we have to dig pretty in a pile of folders, and this leads to confusion. If Apple made more simple and functional folder “Settings”, we will be happy.

  1. More “smart” Siri

We have no claims to the knowledge base Siri – she’s really solid. The only thing that’s frustrating – its short memory, because Siri does not remember the previous questions. If Apple will make the voice assistant to remember your actions, then the interaction with it will be much more effective.

10 functions in iOS 9 that we expect

  1. To introduce Siri to third-party developers

In iOS 8 Apple has finally decided to experiment with third-party applications paired with Siri. Assistant already Umyot, Tambov Oblast determine the song title using Shazam, offers options for radio via Spotify. If Siri will be more open to experimentation, it will only get smarter.

  1. Support the NFC chip in the iPhone

NFC technology will allow devices to communicate with shops and terminals. And developers will have the motivation to create new and exciting mobile technology.

  1. A more interesting options saving battery power

In OS X Mavericks already have the software with new ways to conserve battery Mac. It would be nice if for the iPhone and there was something like that with the new iOS 9.

10 functions in iOS 9 that we expect

  1. Ability to remove proprietary applications Apple (and re-download them)

It just so happened that remove proprietary applications Apple – Compass, Maps, Stocks, FaceTime – with its brand new iPhone, we can not. And it would be nice if the opportunity we had, especially on the iPhone with 16 GB.

  1. More Animated Wallpaper

Branded wallpaper for iPhone look good. There are even some animated versions. But the fact is that in the same “smart” watch Apple has added a ton of interesting options – with flowers, animals and so on. So why not do the same for the iPhone.

  1. Landscape mode for iPhone 6

Owners of the iPhone 6 Plus can turn the device on its side and the interface also turn over. Most applications also have a landscape mode. So why not add this feature in the iPhone 6? Benefit dimensions allow it to make the gadget.

10 functions in iOS 9 that we expect

  1. Superior Apple Maps with directions to public transport

Complaints on this application, in fact, no – Apple Maps works better and better. However, the same Google has long there were two key features – the direction of public transport and cycling routes. Apple urgent need to correct this omission.

10. Ability to customize all the buttons in the Control Center

Control Center iOS 7 became very steep bonus for users of iPhone. Now you can adjust the brightness and music on your phone, turn on a flashlight at the bottom of the screen. But the iPhone has a lot of customization options: it would be nice to choose some parameters and put in Notification Center to more easily interact with the device.

Source: businessinsider

10 functions in iOS 9 that we expect updated: April 7, 2015 author: Jonathan Davis